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‘…this is more than a mystery, more than a love story.’

‘A compulsive read. The novel’s biggest strength is its fresh, engaging voice. Hat’s off for a brilliant debut novel and I look forward to the next one.’

‘The book is well written and the plot and flow are superb.’

‘I really loved this book!!! I can’t wait for the second one… when I began reading it, I couldn’t seem to let it go… so I slept at 3 that night… I read it in two “nights”, that is how good it is!
I really loved the characters, especially Aeron.’ 

‘Read the opening chapter and you will be hooked (as I was). A very satisfying ending that sets up the next book in the series. The Main Character, Aeron is a strong and sympathetic person I look forward to reading more off. I would say more about the plot but part of the fun for me were all the reveals.’