Book III – Untrained Eye

Untrained Eye

Above & Beyond Series * Book III

Screenshot_2016-01-06-00-33-02Aeron Lorelei isn’t finding it easy in the Criminal Investigations Group. After St. Jude’s, Commander Renee Black has distanced herself. Their boss, General Ursula Frei is as icy as always and Aeron’s mother, Lilia-The woman she’s stuck in CIG replacing-has settled nicely into the very same home Aeron worked so hard to get back.

Women in her eyes are officially a pain in the butt.

It doesn’t help that her heroic actions in St. Jude’s have seen her burdens removed and, although she’s happy to be rid of them, she’s not sure any of the women around her are going to be as pleased.  

But then Frei comes to her for a personal favour. A favour than involves infiltrating Frei’s past and rescuing teenagers. A favour that needs Aeron to pretend she hasn’t lost her burdens…

And so Aeron, Renee and Frei go in but Lilia has had a vision matching nearly all of what Aeron has said… apart from Aeron sees them work together and Lilia sees them fall apart, Aeron sees them get the teenagers out but Lilia sees the three agents buckle under the weight of resentment, arguments and misunderstandings…

… and one of them get left behind. 


What the reviewers think…

“These are amazing characters and unusual plots. Jody Klaire manages to mix up a thriller crime drama with a psychic whodunit and an ever so slowly burning romance. It’s a wonderful action adventure story for girls. Add in humour, great dialogue, brilliant writing and these books are just a joy.”

LLR – Read the full review here!


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