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C.H.I.S – Covert Human Intelligence Source

Every contract leaves a trace…

Ex-Marine and undercover specialist, Nikki Bayliss, is dragged out of witness protection and back to her hometown in order to assist local police when one of their own beloved officers is gunned down in a park when investigating the shootings of several female joggers only feet from where a notable gang leader was felled.

Unknown to her colleagues, Nikki hasn’t only been drafted in for her efficiency but to protect the Murder Investigation Team (MIT) as it seems the killings maybe linked to the city’s murky criminal underbelly and having grown up on the wrong side of the tracks, she has the perfect amount of insider knowledge to help the investigations and keep the vulnerable officers safe.

Nikki, or Flick, as she was once called also has a deep interest in finding out who has taken out a chief deputy in a powerful criminal enterprise as her twenty-year-old daughter, Reese, just so happens to keep popping up at or near crime scenes and, in a bid to rescue Reese from a gunman, she is forced into revealing her presence so must straddle being undercover as a detective… and as her old self.

Meanwhile, in spite of her attempting to stop an impending vicious gang war; determine if her daughter is a serial killer; guide and galvanize the grief-stricken MIT team, and win her own inner battle of nature versus nurture, she may or may not have added her own complication of falling in love with her best friend.

Finding the killer without being ‘turned or burned’ will take every skill she’s learned from the right and wrong side of the tracks but can she find the strength not to give into her old ways without leaving any trace of herself behind.

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