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Not Such A Small Frei

In the build up to Blind Trust, I’ve chatted about Renee and her involvement in the series, I’ve talked about the opening lines and how I approached following up The Empath. This week, I thought I’d talk about one of my favourite characters, Ursula Frei.

When Renee decided to change up the series by muscling in as a co-star, it called for a whole new team to back her up but it also called for someone special to lead it.

A bit of Frei concept art…
Enter Ursula Frei.

Ursula was a character from a previous version of another series. I loved her, she was a cool, detached character with a sharp tongue and even sharper eyes. It seemed perfect that she would lead the CIG team in their adventures. She was named with another character after Ursula and Agnieska Radwanska. Before you ask, yup, they are tennis players!

When she appeared on the page, she took command (as she so often does,) and felt a perfect addition. Her cutting tone and unimpressed air helped to bring out different qualities in both Aeron and Renee.

My favourite part of Frei’s appearance in The Empath was when she had Eli jumping to her orders the same as everyone else. She doesn’t take fools gladly but, as I hope flowed through, was that she is unswervingly loyal and the kind of person you’d want in your corner.

Frei, with her spiky white blonde hair, icy blue eyes and knack for looking cool makes me smile whenever I get to see her interact with Renee and Aeron. I hope that you will enjoy seeing more of her in Blind Trust and as the series progresses.

Every hero needs a team of heroes to help them achieve their goals and Frei is every inch a woman who meets those qualities. The wonderful thing about her transferring in from a different series meant that she was already a vivid character in my mind. She had a lot of layers that seemed to be enhanced by her appearance as CIGs sharp-tongued boss. They are layers I’m very excited for readers to discover for themselves. However, below is a couple of questions answered by Frei, Renee and Aeron.



What’s your favourite food:

Aeron: That’s easy… any food! Seriously when you been locked up for a while you don’t really mind so much.
Renee: Croque-Madame, especially when the cheese is melted to perfection. *Shakes head* …and there goes Aeron’s stomach again.
Frei: Anything with Tabasco sauce.


What’s your favourite personal item:

Aeron: I would say maybe my violin or the necklace that I got for my birthday. Yeah, that’s pretty special too.
Renee: I have a couple of signed football jerseys that I love… maybe photos, family photos? You know, I’m not sure about that.
Frei: BMW, Jacket, Aviators, Ring, Ink.
Renee: Don’t forget your hair.
Frei: It’s not an item.
Renee: Neither are tattoos.
Frei: They are an addition, which qualifies them. My hair is a product of good genes.
Aeron: *snorts* Yeah, and glue.


Favourite place:

Aeron: Home, Nan’s cabin.
Renee: Hmm… Nan’s cabin is definitely a good answer…
Frei: *Rolls eyes at Renee* Home. Which for the record isn’t Nan’s cabin.


Least Favourite place:

 Aeron: Serenity Hills!
Renee: I’d rather not talk about it. *Shrugs*
Frei: I’m not at liberty to say.
Aeron: Hey that’s cheating. *Folds arms.* I shared.
Frei: Yes, you did. Well done.


Least Favourite Word:

Aeron: Hate… or maybe freak, I ain’t too keen on freak neither.
Renee: Confined space. I know that’s two technically.
Frei: It is two, there’s no technicality involved.
Renee: Fine. Picky. Confinement. *sticks tongue out at Frei.*
Frei: Mature as ever.
Renee: *puts hands on hips.* Well what’s your word then?
Frei: No.
Renee: Oh, Good pick.
Frei: I know.


Favourite Word:

Aeron: Love… or pie… Pie is a good word too.
Renee: *Beams at Aeron* That’s so sweet.
Aeron: Can be but I like any kind of pie. *Chuckles*
Renee: *Smiles* Dimwit.
Aeron: Hey, it was funny.
Renee: No, that’s my favourite word… Dimwit. *chuckles*
Frei: *Ignores laughter* It depends on the language but truth is a good one.


One final question for you, if you could do any other job, what would it be?

Aeron: You mean if they hired me and I didn’t have my burdens… I guess I’d like to work the land and mill. Get Nan’s cabin working real good. Yeah, that would be cool.
Renee: That sounds lovely. I’m going to say assist Aeron to make Nan’s cabin a sustainable project… And maybe rescue puppies. I like puppies.
Aeron: As long as they don’t go scaring Mrs. Squirrel.
Renee: Of course. *Nods*
Frei: *Clears throat at Renee* A job I haven’t already done? I would set up a project to help children affected by conflict or natural disasters.
*Aeron and Renee stare at her*
Frei: What?
Renee: That’s the nicest thing I’ve ever heard you say.
Aeron: I’d give money to it. Maybe we could come help you sometime?
Frei: It’s theoretical, Lorelei.
Aeron: *Shrugs* Hey, it’s a cool thing to do theoretical or not and you can’t say something that nice then pretend you ain’t.
Frei: *Glares at Aeron*
Aeron: *Sighs* Guess you can.



Thanks, ladies. Hope you had a good chuckle,, don’t forget there is still time to win a copy of Blind Trust in the #TeamAeron competition!

See you next week!


Big Smiles,







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