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Queer Tango Episode 41: Mary-Lou’s Pie

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Here’s this week’s episode of Queer Tango, hope you enjoy!

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Episode 41: Mary-Lou’s Pie

Mary-Lou liked her pie but she couldn’t figure out why the lovely folks of Bumblethorpe didn’t know what an eggnog was and Hedges couldn’t translate to them. She explained to George who didn’t get why anyone would drink raw egg whites  and Stan had mentioned that he’d happily enjoy the  alcohol but he wasn’t trying the eggs either. So, Mary-Lou didn’t think that her friends in  Bumblethorpe would get why she loved pie too. Especially as they kept calling coolies cakes and biscuits and it didn’t matter what Hegdes said, they were still cookies. She didn’t mind a Snickers with Tammy though.

She’d gone to Glynnis who had given her a chocolate drink with alcohol in it because she said chocolate was better for Mary-Lou than egg whites anyway.

Barney wasn’t much of a cook so he wasn’t able to help her explain why she loved her pie and when they headed to Hedges with her homemade eggnog, she was feeling her lack of pie.

‘How are you so interested in eggs,’ Hedges mumbled as she eyed the eggnog. ‘It looks disgusting.’

‘It tastes good and it will make you grow.’ Mary-Lou winked at her and strolled into Hedges’ house. Mr Hedges was dancing with his new grass trimmer that Hedges had bought him. ‘Why?’

Hedges chuckled. ‘He’s had a few wines. He always gets affectionate with the presents when he’s had a few.’

Barney chuckles. ‘I get affectionate with my sofa and sleep.’

‘Or you decide pink lycra is cool.’ Mary-Lou smiled then stopped and sniffed the air. ‘That smells like pie.’

Hedges sniffed the air too. ‘Does it?’

Barney sniffed the air. ‘Smells like stuffing to me but then I’m holding a tin full of stuffing.’ He smirked, pecked Mary-Lou on the cheek and headed over to dance wit Mr Hedges and the Trimmer.

‘I smell pie.’ Mary-Lou swished her nostrils around and strode toward the kitchen.

Hedges hopped after her—because she’d had a few drinks too—and sniffed the air again. ‘I don’t know why you can smell pie. I haven’t baked anything.’

Mary-Lou wagged her finger. ‘I got pie detectors in each nostril, honey,.’ She grinned at Hedges. ‘I know there’s pie.’

Hedges shook her head and hopped to the kitchen door. ‘I think that’s the eggs your smelling.’

‘nuh, uh,’ Mary-Lou shoved open the door to the kitchen and stopped. The whole class were crammed into Hedges kitchen and Tracy had a pie in her hands.

‘You bake?’ Mary-Lou grinned.

‘Nope, Ricky charmed one of the restaurants to part with a pie for you…’ She smirked. ‘’They got scammed by Trevor into having the community centre uniforms.’ She winked at Ricky. ‘He took the uniforms off them without their management being able to blame the workers… so the community centre has their uniforms back in bright pink and you have pie.’

Hedges cheered and hopped over. ‘Pink lycra is useful.’

Mary-Lou thumbed over her shoulder. ‘Don’t say that to Barney or he’ll want more pink uniforms.’

:Lanie shook her head.

Mary-Lou snorted and hugged Hedges and her buddies from Bumblethorpe and smiled. She had pie, friends and eggnog she didn’t have to share… awesome.

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