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Boot Camp Act 3 Scene 4

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Boot Camp

Act 3 Scene 4

Renee strode back and forth the small apartment checking her gun every time she turned and then checking her cell phone. Yannick Bucher had been in a town only a few miles away from where Frei had sent the recruits—and Aeron—on live exercise. Yes, the CIG boot camp class would have guns and some training but she still couldn’t calm herself down.

“Black, I am trying to direct the team,” Frei muttered from the earpiece of her cell. “I am not here to provide updates on Lorelei.”

Renee looked down at her phone. “Then direct them to where you put Lorelei.”

“I have.” Frei clunked something in the background. “Fitzpatrick is with them.”

“Oh.” Renee strode around some more and switched the call to her earpiece. “Good.”

“Have you spoken to your lead?” Frei asked as though she’d given up having a briefing session with the team.

“Yes, well… tried to.” She sighed and slumped onto the floor. “He was attached to an oxygen mask.” She tried not to feel guilty that the police officer had been hurt, and a whole lot of other officers, and civilians, because Yannick was trying to get to her. “He shouldn’t have escaped.”

“No.” Frei let out a long sigh.

“I don’t know how he escaped, Urs,” Renee mumbled then hugged her knees with trembling hands. “No one has gotten out of that prison before.”

“I will investigate it.” Frei said it like she wanted to shoot whoever was responsible. “I need you to stay at your location.”

“I can’t.” She hugged her knees enough her back twinged and her vision wobbled. “I can’t just sit here while he targets people.”

“That’s what he wants,” Frei said, her tone calm. “I will be nearby to get Lorelei out if she is targeted, okay?”

“Thank you.” Renee blinked back the tears. She’d been seeing Yannick attack in her nightmares or were they just waking nightmares because she wasn’t sleeping at all but she wasn’t sure if she was truly awake either.

Frei sighed a softer sigh. “I found you. I will do a more efficient job of guarding Lorelei.”

Renee sobbed then rubbed at her eyes. “I don’t want you near him, Urs… please. I couldn’t cope with you getting hurt.”

“So I am as important as Lorelei now?” Frei had a teasing tone on.

“You know you are,” Renee whispered. “I mean it, Urs. I love you. I need you safe and stoic.”

Frei’s breathing punctuated Renee’s sniffing.

“Urs?” Renee wiped at her eyes.

“I am flying you out to my location,” Frei said in her bored tone.

“Why?” Renee glanced around the darkened apartment. “You said to stay here.”

“You are telling me you love me, you need whiskey.” Frei said it as though whiskey was medication.

“I do love you.” Renee swallowed back more tears. “I get it, you think I’m stupid—”

“No,” Frei muttered then sighed. “I would prefer to keep you in sight as much as you need to keep me in sight.”

Renee smiled then sniffed. “Is that your way of saying you love me too?”

“Don’t expect flowers,” Frei said then clunked something again. “I am getting into the chopper. You stay inside until I am ready to pick you up.”

Renee nodded as Frei cut the line then hugged her knees and rested her head on them. Considering how she’d been so able to take on hostiles and rescue people, she didn’t feel like a soldier but a scared child. She squeezed shut her eyes feeling some soothing gentle breeze sure that the windows must be drafty but somehow it made her feel a sense of comfort and safety.

She sniffed and let the odd breeze soothe her. Yes, Frei would come and rescue her. She sobbed to herself. Some Commander she was right now. The breeze buffeted her again and she leaned her head back against the wall as sleep took over. She just hoped Aeron had as good a friend in her class as she did in Frei.

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