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HI there,
Well, there’s no blog-stories for you this week… you see, I thought you’d probably prefer to read Full Circle and enjoy finding out if Aeron is doing okay… so I worked on it and Em slept a lot (as in when normal people sleep) and I worked some more and then… well… you know what… I thought… it’s nearly Christmas/holiday season so maybe it’d be nice to actually publish it… so I cuddled Ferb a lot… and… grins if you happen to check out your own link to Amazon you might find a certain Aeron Lorelei waiting to take you on a pretty exciting story…
Yup… that’s right…

(This is the link to the UK site… please don’t be upset that I only have that one on here but Amazon has lots of stores especially for you wherever you live!)

The paperback will be submitted so you’ll be able to get that and while we’re trying to figure out how to bring you ePub on here, if you purchase a mobi copy and email me the receipt, Em will send you your very own ePub copy.
I have plans to create hardback versions of the book in a special collector’s item which will probably have extras in there perhaps… I’ll keep you updated!
I’ll be uploading the rest of the series back onto Amazon as I go so please keep a look out for them!

Big snowy Smiles,

JK xx

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