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A big smile on a cloudy day

Hi there,

You know, books are often a bright smile in a cloudy sky, aren’t they? When you’ve had a day, week, month or year that sucks, getting into a book—whether as a writer or a reader—gives you a happy space.

As I mentioned before, Em and I (and my mum and Ferb vicariously) have been the victims of hate crime and stalking for so long now that I’ve given up trying to remember when it started. We’ve had to battle the police because they just don’t get the impact of hate crime (I’ll refrain from talking about how terrible they are and they have often acted in a way that makes me wonder what’s happened to the service I joined.) We’ve been spat at, barked at, my mum driven at and the amount of malicious reporting that goes on for us and other victims of these crimes.

So, during the week, I was… yet again… having to deal with a malicious complaint and spending hours on the phone trying to get advice along with us dealing with the mental aspect whilst the idiot and his friends who think it’s their work to invade and try to oppress our daily lives had a good old laugh. Unfortunately, these people are so local to us that we can’t get away from the malice so… that day… sucked.

Then, like Nan had breezed in from Etherspace, someone incredibly kind reminded me that there are amazing people who support others. Yep, the kindness of Lesbireviewed about my work took me right back to when I wrote Noble Heart. It reminded me that, in that book, Aeron, Renee, Frei and the cast were fighting a group of idiots who needed pickle juice and it gave me the smile I needed to get through a hard day.

So, thank you for being my smile and reminding me that, even from on the page, Aeron seems to pop up and heal me when I most need her to. Once again, Aeron comes to the rescue!

I love listening to Lesbireviewed!

For everyone reading the review, Noble Heart is still available from me, here on my website. That’s because I’m shining them all up and they are being improved as I go… so please, bear with me.

The Empath and Full Circle are on Amazon and Blind Trust will be out sometime in mid-June or July. The paperbacks have a little extra touch added to their covers for those who like collecting them too.

Don’t forget, you can check out Lesbireviewed on her site and on social media so you can get a great understanding of the books out there and whether they’d be the ones for you!


Thank you to Lesbireviewed for being Aeron-like for me this week. I hope you have a great weekend!

Big Smiles,


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