Interview with the empath!


I was reading Barrett’s wonderful blog on the #meetmycharacterblogtour. (check out her character Silke here: ) and I began to do mine but Aeron decided that she wanted more than just a few questions. So, here’s me trying to get sense out of her.

Name: Aeron Lorelei – that’s “Air-ron… Lor-rel-leee.” And yeah, it ain’t a usual name, I don’t need you to tell me that. I been spelling it my whole life. 

Age: Er… last count, I think it was twenty-five, maybe twenty-six? I guess I’m somewhere round there.

Gender: Are you trying to be funny? What the  do you think? Besides, that ain’t nobody’s business. Nosey.

Occupation: Unless you count trying to block out what other folks are feeling…

Interests: I kinda like playing the violin, I write out my own stuff too and mix things up a bit. I’m also a bit of a gym bunny, all weights. They took away the only treadmill when Aimee decided to put it on high speed and place her Jell-O on it…

Nationality: One hundred percent American and I even got some real native in there.  (I pretty sure there’s some Welsh roots somewhere too.)

Relationship status: I spend most of my time avoiding people… I don’t fancy getting THAT close.

Height: Six foot and five inches – so short. 

Hair colour: Um… brown… ish?

Eye colour: Seriously? Okay, er… brown?

Family background: That’s kinda a sore point but you’ll learn that. What I got for you now is that I have two dumb parents who don’t give a shoots about me and Nan. Now, I don’t know who she was but she took care of me and I miss her… a lot. Other than that, I ain’t got no one.

Where in America are you? I come from Oppidum in Missouri, that’s where you’ll find me.

What should we know about you? That I’m kinda different, I’m big and bulky and about as graceful as a monster truck.

What’s your main conflict? Are you a shrink or something? Conflict? Try the fact that I sense other people’s emotions or how ’bout that I’m stuck in Serenity Hills? And don’t mention my folks…

What’s your personal goal? To stop sensing other people’s emotions. I’d pretty much like to have peace and quiet, maybe play a little now and then. Other than that, I guess I ain’t really thought about it.

You want to tell us a little about the book? What book? *Sighs,* The blurb is here:

Blessed and cursed with the ability to sense the feelings, past, and future of those around her, Aeron lived as a misfit child until she took the blame for the death of her best friend’s little brother when she was sixteen.

Released from the correctional facility, Aeron must go back to her hometown–the scene of the crime that no one in town has forgotten. But, Aeron must deal with more than just animosity. Someone in town is abducting and killing young girls, and with Aeron under suspicion, her distant father, the spectre of her Grandmother, and her psychiatrist–who is more than she appears–must all work together to figure out who’s invaded their town before it’s too late. Aeron must use the burdens that she has spent her life trying to hide to prove her innocence and save those taken.)

Hey, that sounds kinda cool. Thank you

When will it be released? Are you talking about me or the book? Either way I ain’t got no clue… I don’t see the future… I don’t… Look out for The Empath August 2014!




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