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 “…A born storyteller.”

Rainbow Awards.

Jody Klaire is an award-winning, best-selling author of many works including the well-loved Above & Beyond Series following the journey of Aeron Lorelei from ex-con to elite agent and the smash-hit romance La Vie En Bleu.

I became a police officer after being the victim of a very violent crime as a teenager and I wanted to be the person who shows up and (hopefully) either prevents a victim getting hurt or is at least there to be a friendly face who they can trust to ensure they get justice.

Jody comes from a background in both Law and Performance Arts and has been a professional musician, artist and serving UK police officer before becoming an author and heading off to Law School. She is an enthusiastic student and speaks several languages very badly; has undertaken undergraduate study of psychology and masters level study of Jazz and has a deep research interest in the medical sciences including osteopathy.

Music was a career for me and, from the age of 12, I was playing to large audiences and loving every second. A lot of people talk about being nervous on stage– I never was– I always felt at home performing.

Outside of writing, she has a lot of interests which now take some creative workarounds to complete after she went blind in 2020.

One of the hardest parts about going blind is that I can no longer drive which has always been a freedom for me but other hobbies, like carving or painting just take a little extra thought to complete.

A bit like one of her characters, Aeron, Jody has a very big bond with animals and creatures and is passionate about taking care of the ones who visit her home from birds and bugs to bees and Hedgehogs. During fledgling season, its quite common to see her and Em taking shifts in their summerhouse to watch over the new babies and keep them safe from all manner of dangers. Some familiar creatures for Above & Beyond Series‘ fans are that of several squirrels who have their own huts in the garden with plenty of food to eat and Jody happily admits that they could remortgage a house on the amount they spend on bird food.

Another passion is nature and the conservation of it and a particular fondness for trees stemming from her love for climbing them as a child to the five giant redwoods she loved to explore on holidays.

“Jody Klaire is one of those authors with whom you never quite know what you are going to get, from the absolutely stunning paranormal/crime series “Above and Beyond” to the charming and whimsical “La Vie en Bleu” she always entertains.”

Velvet Lounger – LRR

Writing Style

Jody’s writing style is designed to be re-readable. She tries to create vivid stories and characters that readers can revisit over and over again.

Being different as a writer gives me a voice that has both been accepted and rejected. The latter is very difficult to accept but over the years, I’ve learned to believe myself and in my work. I can’t please everyone but I can please those who take the time to care.

She uses close-up Narrative Distance often in her work giving readers the experience of living the story alongside the character. In her crime and thriller writing, she loves to create complex stories with oodles of subplot and in romances, she aims to make readers smile, laugh and enjoy falling in love… but that doesn’t mean she skimp on subplot.


Fergus (Ferb:)

Without a doubt, Fergus has been a Godsend to me. He’s saved my life and kept me going in some of my darkest periods. He’s more than a dog–that seems derogatory almost–he’s a superhero with paws.

Fergus is Jody’s trusty (and famous) assistance dog. He helps to take of items of clothing that she finds difficult due to disability. Fergus also has his own special talent when he’s bossing Jody around as her medical alert paw-medic and he might just be the cutest dog ever. 

Fergus was been trained using positive reinforcement and, unlike many assistance dogs, the emphasis has been on allowing him to have a great work-life balance so that he is not deprived of many of the freedoms other assistance dogs sometimes lose.

Off-duty, he loves to pull “zoomies” at will, dig up the garden, snaffle a treat, roll in foul smelling mud, dive in muddy puddles, play with his best friend, Dolly, and has a big sense of humour. He enjoys cuddles… and can be very, very loud.



  • The Empath [Above & Beyond Series – Book 1]
  • Blind Trust [Above & Beyond Series – Book 2]
  • Untrained Eye – [Above & Beyond Series – Book 3]
  • Hindsight – [Above & Beyond Series – Book 4]
  • Noble Heart – [Above & Beyond Series – Book 5]
  • Black Ridge Falls – [Above & Beyond Series – Book 6]
  • Full Circle – [Above & Beyond Series – Book 7]

Romantic Intrigue

  • Hayfield Manor

Crime/Police Procedural

  • C.H.I.S (Covert Human Intelligence Source)


  • La Vie En Bleu [Renovating Hearts Series – Book 1]
  • Best Maid Plans – [Renovating Hearts Series – Book 2]
  • Beached – [Île Blanche Series – Book 1]
  • If The Shoe Fits – based on Cinderella
  • Love’s Bridge – and anthology of short stories.
  • In Fashion


  • Stories for Homes – on behalf of Shelter – Fields of Gold.
  • Reading is Magic – on behalf of NSPCC – Upon The Crest of a Moon. 
  • Out of Darkness – on behalf of BHF – Backseat Driver
  • Written Dreams – on behalf of the GCLS Writing Academy – The Understudy
  • Language of Love – An Ylva Festive Anthology

Praise for the books


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8 thoughts on “About Jody”

  1. Hi Jody:
    I just signed up to get your blog via email. Started reading The Empath having bought books 1-6 of the series from Kobo. Sorry, but I won’t be able to follow you on Facebook or any other social media sites as I made a decision some years ago not to have accounts with that sort of thing. I usually post reviews on Goodreads and Amazon when I finish reading a book (sometimes delayed due to looking after my 95 yrs old Mom) and look forward to doing so for the Above and Beyond Series. All the best health-wise…thoughts and prayers winging your way!!

    1. Hey Gail!
      That’s lovely to hear, thank you! ☺ it’s wonderful to know Aeron has a friend in you and I’m delighted that you’re taking the time review them 🙂☺.

      Thank you for stopping by to give me a smile too and big smiles to you (and mom!)
      Jody x 🤗

  2. Hey Jody!

    I just finished book 5 of the Above and Beyond Series, so I thought why not have a closer look at the author.
    So I got to your blog, read about you.

    First I have to praise your books.
    I actually started off with In Fashion (by accident) but after I turned the first page I was hooked!
    After finishing (an amazing book btw) I stumbled over The Empath
    Again, I turned the first page and was hooked…I read page after page, chapter after chapter, book after book..
    Well that was 5 days ago:D

    I love every second of reading them and I can‘t wait on starting the next one.
    The characters, the plot, the humor everything just fits and brought me lots of laughing out loud moments, tears of joy, moments where I had to hold my breath because it was so very gripping.

    So thank you! You are right
    „If the author does their job well, then you get the pleasure of meeting a life-long friend.”
    And you are damn good at your job!

    So now that I read about you, what you went through and how very strong you are.
    I wish I could give you something back.

    I just want to say, keep going, keep fighting and don’t let anyone ever dull your sparkle!


    1. Hi Nathy,
      Thank you so much for taking the time to be so kind. I’m so delighted that you enjoyed In Fashion and then met Aeron. When someone says how much they enjoy discovering my work it gives me such a boost and you have given me a massive smile when I really needed it so thank you very, very much.
      On the site there’s lots of stories for free including The Whistleblower and Candleford (when I pull my socks up and continue Aggie’s story) so I hope they keep you busy too. 😊
      Again, thank you! I’m sending you a big shiny smile and wave.
      Big smiles

      1. Hey Jody!

        I‘m glad I could make you smile like you made me smile!:)
        I hope you get well soon, you really deserve it.

        I saw the short stories and am going to devour them gladly. *-* 🙂


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