The Whistleblower – Downloadable Series


Here you can follow Susan’s story… for free. Simply click on the episode, download (PDF) and enjoy!

Episode 1b copyEpisode 1 – Easily Agitated

Susan takes a job in Serenity Hills but soon realizes just why the staff are paid so well. She’s not keen on the way some staff are treating one of her patients Nora but should she trust high-risk patient Aeron Lorelei’s words?

Episode 2 copyEpisode 2 – No Shiny Objects

Susan agrees to talk to the mysterious Agent Frei. “Tiz” is on her patient list but how does she examine a violent patient terrified of doctors?

episode-3Episode 3 – Volatile

It’s stormy in Serenity but Susan is confident she can help “Uma.” With Tracy on holiday, Susan is happy to take the company of a familiar stranger.

episode-4-copyEpisode 4 – Not Genuine

Susan is introduced to a new psychiatrist with a prickly temper, a patient whose symptoms don’t add up and the possibility that someone isn’t as genuine as they appear.



Episode 5 – Passes Out

Susan is convinced Peggy has been misdiagnosed but Mainz won’t give her permission to run tests. It’ll take some help from an unexpected ally but perhaps Peggy was being kept quiet for a reason…



Christmas Special – Guiding Star

Susan loves Christmas but someone seems to have stolen the wing’s decorations. With Christmas jumper on, she sets about making sure the girls get some Christmas cheer.

Episode 7 – Under Observation

Susan thought she had a handle on things at Serenity only for one staff member to think otherwise which finds Susan chased along the road; Llys locked in a cell with an inmate, and Tracy in Mainz’s operating theatre…


ep8-copyEpisode 8 – Sticky Situation

With two patients with some separation issues, Susan is persuaded (by a certain mysterious agent) into doing some breaking and entering during a conference but what she learns from Llys sparks the need to find out just what happened to her father.


ep9 copy

Episode 9 – Unresponsive

Susan is convinced that inmate Aeron Lorelei is unresponsive for physical reasons as well as grief over her friend Yasmin. Investigating Aeron’s ailments reveals that it there maybe a connection between the symptoms of her patients…


ep10 - delusional copyEpisode 10: – Delusional

Susan is having an impromptu vacation with Tracy away only to find herself not quite herself… With another patient suffering from the same symptoms as the girls, Susan finds that helping Nigel may just help her reconnect to a part of herself she’d forgotten…

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