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The Above & Beyond Series  tab is all about the adventures of Aeron Lorelei and her friends. There are seven books in the series, so as each one is released, I’ll add them to the tab. You can find all the reviews and awards there too.

News is where you can find my latest blog and any information on the book releases, author appearances.

Other has some extra things for you to explore, such as: Short stories, poetry, Inky Inspiration (where I interview other authors and publishers from the industry,) early blog on why I started to write and media and appearances which includes videos and interviews.

Renovating Hearts Series  is all about Pippa Saunders and her romantic comedy series. There are three books in the series. Each one will be added as they are released.

The Whistleblower  Is a FREE downloadable series which follows Dr. Susan Gossett in her role as physician within Serenity Hills Maximum Security Institution. It is a prelude to The Empath yet is standalone. If you do enjoy The Above and Beyond Series then this will fill you in on little details.

“… A born storyteller”

Rainbow Awards 2014

Featured Image -- 1061
The Empath- Above & Beyond * Book I

Runner-UpMD12144751_1152051578162256_5457885689979025011_nTeaser for The Empath

Runner up – Rainbow Awards 2014 (honorable mention)

Finalist – GCLS Goldie Awards 2015

Blessed and cursed with the ability to sense the feelings, past, and future of those around her, Aeron lived as a misfit child until she took the blame for the death of her best friend’s little brother when she was sixteen.

Released from the correctional facility, Aeron must go back to her hometown–the scene of the crime that no one in town has forgotten. But, Aeron must deal with more than just animosity. Someone in town is abducting and killing young girls, and with Aeron under suspicion, her distant father, the spectre of her Grandmother, and her psychiatrist–who is more than she appears–must all work together to figure out who’s invaded their town before it’s too late. Aeron must use the burdens that she has spent her life trying to hide to prove her innocence and save those taken.


“Jody Klaire’s debut novel is an exhilarating rush, a cross between the best of X Files and Orange Is The New Black. Fast-paced, sharp and very, very smart. Promises to be a smash hit of a series”

SHE Magazine

“The twists and turns kept things interesting and always moving forward. Even events that you wouldn’t expect to be related to the crime were deftly folded into the plot and given purpose. It all made sense. It was crafted well.  The characters are rich and multi-layered, but there’s so much more to uncover about them. I’m glad Klaire is going to let us into their lives again.”

Carleen Spry – Frivolous Views

“I’m not giving anything away but, The Empath is a taut tense thriller proving that there is two sides to every story and that everybody has their armour. How this series isn’t in mainstream bookshops, I don’t know… Bring on book two!”

The Book Lovers Library

“Aeron is back and badass as ever.”

Tales of a Librarian


BLIND TRUST – The Above & Beyond Series * Book II

Teaser for Blind Trust




Runner up – Rainbow Awards 2015 (honorable mention)

Aeron Lorelei finds herself part of the mysterious Criminal Investigations Group and is looking forward to catching up with Commander Renee Black after being locked in bootcamp for six months. However, something isn’t quite right with Renee and Aeron can’t figure out why she is pushing her away. When mother nature puts a mountain in their path (literally) and Renee does the unthinkable, it is left to Aeron to clear Renee’s name.  Stuck in a small Colorado town with only a few days to solve a mystery, Aeron needs some ‘spiritual’ support.’ Saving Renee involves using the burdens she loathes and every ounce of belief she has.

It looks bleak for Renee, and when the danger lurking in the past snakes its way into the town, it is up to Aeron alone to stop it.


“I fell in love with her over the course of the novel, and when I finished, I wished I had my own Aeron.”

Rainbow Awards 2015

“Great stories, well written, thoroughly enjoyable. Looking forward to number three.”

Velvet Lounger – LRR

“From snow bound mountain rescues to the gentle rescuing of those locked in their own minds,  you’ll be spell bound and on the edge of your seat as Aeron does her thing. Loved this — gobbled it up in a few hours (hours when I really should have been sleeping…)–and can’t wait for more.”

Tales of a Librarian

“These are amazing characters and unusual plots….these books are just a joy.”

Velvet Lounger – LRR

Untrained Eye –  The Above & Beyond  Series * Book III

Untrained Eye – Teaser

CIG boss Ursula Frei asks Aeron for help to prevent a group of children in the Caprock Academy from becoming victims to a life that created the same scars Frei herself bears. This personal request is complicated by Aeron’s dimmed “burdens” as a consequence of healing her mentor Renee.

To ensure CIG can get involved, Aeron fakes a vision only to find out that her mother, Lilia, has had the same one. So Aeron, Renee and Frei head in under cover.

The problem is that Lilia’s vision is different. Aeron’s faked version sees the three friends pull off the mission, rescue the children and walk away stronger; Lilia’s version sees the three agents implode and their mission unravel under the weight of resentment, arguments and misunderstandings.

Lilia makes the call to let them go in because she believes they can get the children to safety…

… Even if it means one of them gets left behind.


“These are amazing characters and unusual plots. Jody Klaire manages to mix up a thriller crime drama with a psychic whodunit and an ever so slowly burning romance. It’s a wonderful action adventure story for girls. Add in humour, great dialogue, brilliant writing and these books are just a joy.”

Velvet Lounger – LRR

“If you love fast paced action adventure, psychological thrillers, crime – any of the above, believe me, this series is pure heaven.”

Velvet Lounger – LRR


Teaser For Hindsight

The lock is the key.

General Ursula Frei has been captured and seriously hurt but by who and why?

CIG Protection Officer Aeron Lorelei and her Commander, Renee Black need to locate Frei… fast but they have only Aeron’s dimmed “burdens” and Renee’s determination.

When Aeron touches the lock in her pocket she relives Frei’s memories which begin to point to just why Frei is missing. But, it’s draining Aeron…too much.

Does Renee keep faith in Aeron’s “burdens,” and what her own heart is telling her, or pull Aeron out to save her and lose Frei, her best friend and the woman who once saved her life.

“…delivered with incredible detail, making the whole become an exploration of the psychology of each major character. Phenomenal.”

Velvet Lounger – LRR

“A romantic comedy worthy of a Hollywood Script… Definitely a ‘highly recommended’ for those who like a light-hearted romance.”

Velvet Lounger – LRR


La Vie en Bleu – Renovating Hearts Series * Book I

La Vie en Bleu – Teaser

Pippa Saunders likes her life as it is. Uncomplicated. She’s engaged to Prince Charming (AKA Doug Fletcher) and she and her best friend Rebecca share a flat and are wonderful underachievers or boring, in Rebecca’s eyes.

A series of events, which sees Pippa take a trip to the local Italian in her pyjamas, threatens to shake her neatly packaged life.
When Doug buys a holiday home in the South of France and hires Pippa’s ‘old friend,’ the mysterious Berne Chamonix, Pippa finds herself face to face with the woman she’s been trying to forget since nineteen.
…A woman who has an uncanny knack of tying her up in knots.
… A woman Doug wants her to work alongside.

Summer in France is poised to take a chisel to her well built up façade.

Not so boring after all…


The supporting cast is stellar… I’d have kept reading for Rebecca alone.’

Tales of a Librarian

“La Vie en Bleu is an absolutely lovely read. It is well written, humorous and full of excellent human observation combined with an interesting version of the classic re-united lovers romance. It is very different from the Above and Beyond Series, but like all Ms Klaire’s work is extremely well done…
…Definitely a “highly recommended” for those who like a light-hearted romance, I look forward to more of the Romantic Ms Klaire.”

Velvet Lounger – LRR

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  1. By Jove, you’ve done it!! Keep up the fine work.

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  2. Hey there! Another interesting haunt for you, eh? Nice digs. So happy for your success!

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  3. Great site. Love how it is organized. Of for a wander about…

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  4. Love the blog, clever you!

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  5. Patiently (getting less patient by the day) awaiting book two. Addictive characters. Great work. Please release book two. I really want to read book two.. 🙂

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  6. Well. Jody… I started reading ‘Blind Trust’ then all of the sudden I was done… sigh. Was so good. Thanks for the story and absolutely can’t wait for the next one!

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  7. Hey Jody!
    I just finished reading the first three books in the Above and Beyond Series…. and wow! I just couldn’t put them down. I told myself to pace myself but it didn’t work 😦
    I can’t wait to read more!!


    • Hi Tina, good to hear Aeron has a new friend! I’m really excited about Hindsight (book 4) so really hope that you’ll think it’s worth the wait (there’s always a summer romance to keep you occupied in the meantime ;-D .)


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