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I’ve had a busy couple of weeks finishing off my law degree and working through editing and rereleasing Aeron’s series. You will be pleased to know that I have spruced Untrained Eye which now has a shiny new cover and a more clear story.

That brings me to telling you that the new version of Untrained Eye is now on Amazon. (See bottom of the blog for the other links).

One of the benefits of reading the series is that I am able to work out kinks. In particular, in this book, I had not betrayed Renee’s point of view in a very sympathetic way. I noted from the reactions of readers that her struggles with Aeron’s burdens had not come across in the way I wanted it to. This time round, I was unable to add in some additional scenes to explain her behaviour and make it clear what her challenges were.

What I enjoyed about the story when revisiting it, was that I created a real sense of teamwork in one particular scene that even having written, read, edited, released, re-read, rewritten, re-edited, still got me tearing up.   So, I hope that you enjoy the new version and of course the paperbacks have been redesigned to look a particular way on the shelf and at this point with the three books together (and with your copy of Full Circle, you may be able to spot the theme emerging.)

This week, I attended the Disability Expo where I talked about the benefit of intersectionality and the experiences of dealing with discrimination in professional environments where talked about what you can do to advocate for yourself. I also spoke about the policy and hate crime towards the disabled community using my experience as a past police officer, an aspiring barrister, and as a target of hate crime.

You will not be surprised, to find out that my main message was to keep going, keep believing and that it gets better. It is funny how that brings me back to Aeron and her stories. In the books, I highlight many scenarios where people are treated badly because they are different and that it is okay to be different.

In fact, being different as part and parcel of being yourself and as Oscar Wilde once said, ‘be yourself, everyone else has already taken.’

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