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Hopefully, you’ve been enjoying the summer (or winter if you are in the South Hemisphere). I wanted to share a special blog today to celebrate that the Above and Beyond Series is now fully live, and all books and paperbacks are available! Hurray! LINKS ARE BELOW THE BLOG!

If you’ve been following my progress on the reworking of the books, I’ve been busy working away during my summer break in order to get each of the seven books re-edited, reworked, smoothed out, shined up and better than ever. Inside, you’ll notice that the story has been smoothed out and I’d paid attention to pulling the threads of the story more tightly together. The earlier books needed more work because, as you know, The Empath was my debut book (and written over a decade ago) and I’ve learned a lot since then.

I paid attention to some of the points you all picked up, especially those of you who hadn’t read the free Whistleblower Series. Therefore, Susan has been interwoven more fluidly so everyone who hasn’t read the blog can still enjoy the series.


In addition to that, on the outside, I have redesigned the books. Each one has been digitally created and painted by me. Okay, that might sound painful as I’m not the best at seeing and… yes… it took a long time with all sorts of workarounds but I am pleased to say that each book now reflects the story inside in a way it couldn’t have done if I hadn’t had the benefit of years of working with Aeron and her story.

If you love the series, the paperbacks now have a theme and a special message when they are placed together on your bookshelf. It’s a small touch but one that’s from me to you.  

All the books will be available through Amazon and, if you have Prime, then the Series is enlisted on Kindle Unlimited too. I felt this was the most widely available and cost-effective platform.  

That brings me to another point… I’ve loved working with Aeron and, although I want to keep her main story as it is, I do have a lot of stories to tell that will involve the main characters in some form or another and give you the chance to get to know others better. You’ll notice in Full Circle that the teaser is for The Whistleblower as I think it’s a great place to start and who wouldn’t want to hang out with an ingenious doctor who talks to furniture?  

I am planning on releasing (if it is ready) a complete new book later on in the year but I’m likely to work to the system of an Aeron-related story and a non-Aeron related story in tandem. Sometimes this may be quite quick (every six months) other times less so as, if you have been following the blog, you’ll know I’m studying to become a lawyer (a barrister in particular) and… well… that means I’m slower at publishing! However, I think that my writing is benefiting from my experiences and my training so I hope it will make my work and characters even more vivid and enjoyable to get to know.  

Below will be a link to the series’ page on the various Amazon sites so you can see Aeron’s story in one place!  

Big Smiles!  


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