Book II – Blind Trust

The adventure continues…


Blind Trust

Above & Beyond Series * Book 2

Screenshot_2016-01-25-13-19-50Aeron Lorelei finds herself part of the mysterious Criminal Investigations Group and is looking forward to catching up with Commander Renee Black after being locked in bootcamp for six months. However, something isn’t quite right with Renee and Aeron can’t figure out why she is pushing her away. When mother nature puts a mountain in their path (literally) and Renee does the unthinkable, it is left to Aeron to clear Renee’s name.  Stuck in a small Colorado town with only a few days to solve a mystery, Aeron needs some ‘spiritual’ support.’ Saving Renee involves using the burdens she loathes and every ounce of belief she has.

It looks bleak for Renee, and when the danger lurking in the past snakes its way into the town, it is up to Aeron alone to stop it.




What the reviewers think…

 “From snow bound mountain rescues to the gentle rescuing of those locked in their own minds, you’ll be spell bound and on the edge of your seat as Aeron does her thing. Loved this – gobbled it up in a few hours (hours when I should really have been sleeping…) – and can’t wait for more.”  

Tales of a Librarian

12144751_1152051578162256_5457885689979025011_n“Jody Klaire did an exceptional job writing this mystery/thriller…”

“I fell in love with her over the course of the novel, and when I finished, I wished I had my own Aeron.”

12045772_1152051334828947_3125691295480316886_oRainbow Awards 2015

  One thought on “Book II – Blind Trust

  1. May 11, 2015 at 8:51 pm

    I cant wait until the next book comes out! I fell in love with the first one so please finish the second one so I can fall in love with that to!

    • May 11, 2015 at 8:59 pm

      It’s all written 🙂 it’s with the editor in Bink getting all shined up. Aeron is looking forward to sharing her next adventure 😀

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