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  • Mrs Squirrel On The Move? 

    Mrs Squirrel On The Move? 

    Hi guys!  Just dropping in to say hello and to give you a quick update on Hindsight. Mrs Squirrel has been spotted with some fellow furries, stowing their nuts on board for the next adventure.  You’ve all been so patient and I am really hoping that you’re still excited about it. Noble Heart (book 5) is […]

  • Ferb’s birthday and blogs

    Hi guys,   Hope you’re all enjoying The Whistleblower and looking forward to Hindsight? You might want to keep an eye out for my blog on Women and Words as there’s a little touch of both Hindsight and Best Maid Plans! Hurray!   Ferb turned two this week & celebrated it with his cousin Fern […]

  • Links to Pre-order 

    I’ve had my investigative hat on today and with the help of Det.Casey Bink Investigations, we’re on the case of the missing pre-order page! We’ve tracked down three of the sneaky fellas here: On the UK site or US, Canada. And we’ll keep you posted on the issue! 

  • The blurb for Hindsight!

    The blurb for Hindsight!

    Hi guys, I’ll be posting a blog later this week but wanted to share the Hindsight blurb with you. Are you excited about it? 

  • Look what came in the post!

    Hey guys! Look what I got through the post today.

  • Hidden Gems

    Hi guys! I began writing the first draft of Noble Hearts this week. It’s always a thought that I might not get the voice after returning from another project or that I may find getting into it hard.

  • Blogs in GT and Diva

    Hey guys! Some exciting news if you’re a reader of GT or Diva magazines! You might spot a  certain author… or at least my books!

  • Update on Untrained Eye PB

    Hi guys, Hope you had a lovely St. David’s day. Just a quick update to say that BInk are working hard on getting the paperback of Untrained Eye out and available for you. I’ll keep you updated 😊 Ferb has been busy watering the daffodils so Hapus Dydd Dewi Sant! Big smiles!

  • Untrained Eye gets its first review!

    Hey guys! How have you all been? I hope you’ve all been enjoying Untrained Eye? What did you think of Frei, Renee and Aeron this adventure? It’s wonderful when you get a review. It’s scary waiting to see if you’ll get a battering or they will love it. Velvet Lounger at the LRR has posted […]

  • A review from LLR for Pip!

    It’s always terrifying and exciting to get reviews… thank you very much to LLR for giving me a big smile! 🙂

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