Mrs Squirrel On The Move? 

Hi guys!  Just dropping in to say hello and to give you a quick update on Hindsight. Mrs Squirrel has been spotted with some fellow furries, stowing their nuts on board for the next adventure.  You've all been so patient and I am really hoping that you're still excited about it. Noble Heart (book 5) is [...]

The blurb for Hindsight!

Hi guys, I'll be posting a blog later this week but wanted to share the Hindsight blurb with you. Are you excited about it?  Escaping your past isn’t always easy. Aeron Lorelei gets a vision that her general and close friend, Ursula Frei, has been captured and seriously hurt but Aeron doesn’t know by who, [...]

Blogs in GT and Diva

Hey guys! Some exciting news if you're a reader of GT or Diva magazines! You might spot a  certain author... or at least my books! I've also got blogs up on their website. You can read my blog for Diva here. Don't forget to keep an eye out as I'll be chatting about Hindsight in [...]