Candleford – Episode 2

Hey there! I’m still busy recovering so I’m sorry that I’m a bit quiet on the blogging front right now – however… I did manage to get you April’s edition of Candleford In this edition someone you will be delighted to see from The Above & Beyond Series makes an appearance so I hope you enjoy this episode. As always,…

Some Fun Things to Share

Hi all, I have some fun things to share with you: 1 – Bedazzled Ink have been amazing enough to give The Empath away free on their Bedazzled Ink Peddler website with 25% off the rest of the series to get you excited for Full Circle… hurray. Please say a big thanks to them for being so kind! 2 –…

Thank you for all the lovely messages!

Hey! I’ve been so uplifted by all the lovely messages and love and positive thoughts, energy and prayers that you’ve sent and they helped so much. It means a lot that you’ve taken the time to send your love and Em says that she’s doing her best to get through them and that she’s been as uplifted too although she’s…


Hi So, I’ve been quiet and it’s been a really difficult period health wise. *sighs* To sum up the short version, I did lose my sight and the RNIB and the ophthalmologists (and staff who work with them) have been really kind, very patient and it helped to have warmth and kindness when I’ve been struggling. We’re not sure if…

It’s great up north!

Hey there, It feels like I haven’t written any updates for you  in ages as things have been tough health-wise recently. I seem to say this often but I didn’t think that I’d make it up to Hebden Bridge a few times because I was struggling. With a dodgy eye, heart and various other problems starting to feel insurmountable, I…

Interview with me :-)

Hey there! I recently chatted to the wonderful Beth Burnett about my experiences at the Writing Academy and chatting about Full Circle along with Hayefield Manor. You can check it out here: Jody and the GCLS Writing Academy Big smiles! Jody x

Happy Valley Pride!

Hey there,

I have been fighting to get fit enough to be at both LFEST and Hebden Bridge but I’m still having some visual issues. I will do a Vlog to update you soon but for now I hope to catch you at Happy Valley Pride (I’ve even worked hard on a video promo for you – please feel free to share.)

In other news, we are fighting hard to get medical help from an amazing doctor in London who is a leading expert and thinks he can help… only our delightful Welsh Government declined a funding application from consultants on my behalf… so I’ll be working extra hard to pen some books to fund the trip myself… It’s a step back but Ferb is on the case!

(check out if you want to know a little about my battle against medical professionals.)

I’m still smiling and I’ll have a brand new cover of Hayefield Manor for you and the blurb very soon! I’ll also be on the GCLS Writing Academy Blog chatting about my writing and going from mentee to mentor.

I hope you have a great week and hope to catch you in Hebden. I’ll do my best to get some fun pictures and videos for those who can’t be there!

Big Smiles!

Jody x

An adventure in Nottingham…

So, it’s been a bit of a rough ride. I wasn’t quite sure I was going to get to the recent author event in Nottingham. As you know, if you read my blog now and again, health is not exactly a forte of mine. That’s putting it mildly sometimes! The background to this event is that I’d had a heart…

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