Boot Camp Scene 1

Hi there, Well, as you asked for new Aeron stories, I decided to head right back to boot Camp to catch up with Aeron as she trained to be a CIG officer… and it seems a lot like being in Serenity… Scene 1 The CIG Base was on a big mountain with a scruffy looking desert stuck below it like…

Exclusive online preview: Full Circle – Chapter 3

Hi There, Here is chapter 3 of Full Circle (I’m posting the book scene by scene but I tend to use short chapters in Aeron’s series.) I hope that you enjoy! Big Smiles, Jody My thoughts: Oh, poor Renee. When I originally wrote Full Circle, Renee was with Frei but when I rewrote the novel, I found a more natural…

Queer Tango Episode 64: Queer Tango

Hi there,
Well, I’ve had a lot of fun with George-mats and Stanetta’s heels and Paulette with her plimsole. However, as readership is starting to drop on the series and Aeron fans have voted for a new story, it’s probably, in rhythm, to wrap up Paulette and the Bumblethorpe dance class’s story… I love the characters, so I might revisit them again but for now… I hope you enjoy catching up with Paulette and her friends.

As always, please excuse the typos.

Big Smiles,


Exclusive online preview: Full Circle – Chapter 2

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Exclusive online preview: Full Circle – Chapter 2
Hi There,

Thank you for taking part in the polls for me. You’ve pretty much unanimously stated you’d like Aeron stories and thank you very much for saying that you will happily read whatever I’d like to write. It gave me a smile. 😊

So, as I’m going to begin giving you a new Aeron story, I will be wrapping up Queer Tango as Aeron will be making you smile on my behalf!

Big smiles

Queer Tango Episode 63: The Great Jelly Relay of Dribbleston

Hi there, I hope you enjoy this week’s episode of Queer Tango. I wanted to write something a bit dafter than usual in honour of little Sybil who we sadly lost. So, as she did like a treat or two and running around… this week’s episode is dedicated to her.  As always, please excuse the typos. Big Smiles, Jody Queer…

Exclusive online preview: Full Circle – Chapter 1

Hi There, So the poll was split with half of you wanting to wait and half wanting the exclusive online version. Thank you to everyone who dropped in to let me know what you thought and for letting me know you enjoyed Renee and Frei’s series. It really helps to know that you liked it. For those who wanted to…

Update on Aeron’s next book

Hi there, As I’ve been busy writing weekly stories, I haven’t really said much about how I’ve been doing so I thought I’d do so and then ask your thoughts on Full Circle being sneak-previewed on a weekly blog. We’re currently nursing lots of fledglings (an endangered breed) who are noisy little toddlers squabbling over their favourite foods and by…

Renee & Frei A New Assignment Act 3.2: Liberty and Cookies

Hi There,
Ah, well… I hope you’ve enjoyed the series and seeing Renee and Frei take on those needing pickle juice. I’m still waiting for my edits to be sent from my publisher at the moment but I’ll keep you updated when I know.
But… back to Renee and Frei… The girls have rescued another estate and Abby has lots of evidence on Lavelle but Renee’s mind is on our little Missourian…

As, always, please excuse the typos.

Big Smiles,