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How to begin? How do you start a story? I like to express the heart of the tale in that opening line. I like it to make sense of the character and to book. It’s one of the most challenging and rewarding aspects of writing for me. How to sum up a story in one sentence.

With The Empath, the opening line sparked not only the novel but the series. It’s as though, for me at least, finding that one line opens up all the possibilities. It anchors the plot and sums up the character as they are when you meet them and who they will be when that adventure is completed.

As it’s Aeron’s voice too, that makes things a bit easier. I couldn’t imagine writing her story any other way now.

My problem is that I know too much,

gave me that spring-board into her life.

In Blind Trust I’m tackling not one, not two but three types of POV. There’s first, second and third person narratives in this one. A lot of people shudder at the mention of second person and at multiple forms of POV. I promise they are all in there for good reason but it did throw up new challenges. The main thing was that I wanted it to make sense and be relatively smooth. With a thriller/mystery they are the kind of tools that I enjoyed using to create suspense and tension. I’m always looking for new ways of improving and making the experience more vivid for the reader, so I hope that it all fits together to do just that in the book.

I learned a lot about writing, and about America working with our awesome editor at Bedazzled Ink. I’m excited and hope that Blind Trust shows I’ve developed a bit as a writer and I’m making steady progress.

Back to openings, you will see that I stuck with Aeron’s introductions. There were a couple of reasons. It was a way of greeting new friends and reacquainting her with old ones. It helped her update you on what happened since The Empath and fill in the readers who hadn’t lived through that with her yet. Mostly, it just felt right to do that. Aeron is the kind of hostess who meets you at the front cover. She’s gracious and welcoming. She’s been itching for you to visit and so why wouldn’t she stop and say hi?

Which brings me to a little bit of a teaser. It made sense that you might like to see a small piece of Blind Trust… that you might like to read the opening lines for yourself. So I’ve decided to post up the first paragraph. I’ll post the first chapter and a reading as we get nearer to take-off.

Before you ask, Aeron is having her preflight check with BInk Air Traffic Control. She looks set to be on the runway for take-off this month sometime. Her crew for this flight are already aboard. Duke is finding a seat that will fit his considerable frame with Evan who is wiping the drool off his trousers. Renee is up front with the stewards and stewardesses who are trying to wrestle the complimentary drinks from her. There’s a redhead with an apron next to a guy in overalls, that’s Martha and Earl. Earl isn’t very fussed on flying, hence the sickbag in his hands.

Behind them, reading the in-flight magazine is Hal. He’s jumping at random moments for some strange reason. Nothing to do with the weird muddy thing floating next to him though.

Aeron is up front with the pilot at the moment. They have found her a lovely copilot’s outfit and don’t tell anyone but there’s a rumour that her violin is in the overhead locker.

The chief stewardess with the aviators and spiky blonde hair is Ursula Frei. Which may be why the rest of the staff look so terrified. And, yup, up front looks to be another copilot, could it be Nan cracking jokes? Maybe…

Anyhow, settle in, if you can find any complimentary champagne, please enjoy. I’ll keep you updated on progress!




Blind Trust


Chapter 1


Faith and trust are funny things.

They are the kind of feelings that can make you believe in something or someone even when all logic and reason tells you that it ain’t possible. Now, I understand that it takes a leap of faith to believe my words when I explain that I see things beyond what most would think is normal.


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  1. Thanks for the insight on opening lines, Jody. I’m looking forward to this next book – and I really don’t mind having different points of view. I’m sure you’ll do them well.

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