Ready For Take-Off



I hope you are all as excited as me about Blind Trust? You are? Yay! Well, this blog today is just to give you and update and let you know that it’ll be with you very shortly. In the meantime, Renee and Aeron are at the front of the plane and are waiting to give you the pre-flight demonstration.

Aeron:  *grins* Hey folks and furry things, welcome to Aeron Airways. I hope you’re all sitting comfortable ‘cause this journey ain’t gonna be smooth.

Renee: *Pulls Aeron to one side* They aren’t meant to know that, remember?

Aeron:  *Stoops down to whisper back.* It’s a thriller, you think they are expecting uneventful or somethin’?”

Renee: *Purses lips* Fine but remember you can’t tell them about… *Clears throat* Just keep to the demonstration. *Turns back* So your exits are—

Aeron: Front and back cover ‘cause we don’t want you ejecting halfway through the story! *Chuckles*

Renee: *Pokes Aeron in the side* Your lifejacket is stowed under your seats with a kit. In the event of you gripping your seat—

Aeron: Or reading through your fingers.

Renee: *Scowls at Aeron.* Do you want me to muzzle you?

*Aeron shakes her head.*

Do you want me to send you back to Ursula for some more training?

*Aeron shakes her head again.*

Didn’t think so. *Turns back once more.* So, as I was saying the emergency kit is stowed under your seat and contains pictures of Mrs. Squirrel, funny Nan-isms, a cuddle from Duke and a stash of chocolate.

Aeron: *Eyes widen.* There’s chocolate?

Renee: *Holds Aeron’s elbow.* Probably best you hide it from this one. *smiles at Aeron who frowns.* In-flight entertainment will be and uplifting spiritual rendition from Nan. *chuckles to herself*

Ursula: *From her seat* And if Renee finds where we hid the drink, there’ll be a highly spirited rendition of a country song.

Aeron: *Snorts* Yeah, you should hear her singing Secret Love…. *pulls a face*

Renee: *Glares at them both.* It’s good in the shower.


It is, you just don’t appreciate the wonder of a good show tune.

Aeron: *Clears her throat.* Anyway, when the sign overhead flicks on, you need to fasten your seatbelts—

Renee: Buckle up and grab a comfy chair—

Ursula: And a pillow for the scary bits.

All three: And enjoy the flight.

Renee: *Stares up at the blinking light.* It’s on… why is it on? Aeron, did you press something?

Aeron: *Stares up at light* How could I do that. I ain’t even in the cockpit. How?

Nan: Ladies, gents and all the folks in between, this is your captain speaking. So get your butts in your seats and shackle them buckles. I ain’t  waitin’ ‘round for stragglers.

Aeron: *Puts hands on hips* Hey, you’re meant to be resting. Besides, when did you learn to fly?

Renee: *Nods* I’m not sure if that’s legal at all. How is she going to start the eng—

*Rumble of the engines starting*

Aeron: *Yells up into the air* She should be resting. You’ll be exhausted and then grandpa ain’t gonna be happy.

Nan: Ah quit your whining, shorty, I’m in great spirits, now get buckled.

*Plane starts to move*

Renee: *Grabs Aeron and buckles her in* She’s going to fly… please someone explain how she is going to fly…

Aeron: Don’t look at me. I’m freaky but I ain’t that freaky.

Renee: I can’t look. We’re on the runway…

Nan: Relax, I’m a Lorelei… wait till I show you my loop-de-loop.

*Renee clamps her eyes shut*

*Nan laughs*

That’s right folks, eBook is a waitin’ you. If you want one of them fancy paperbacks, keep your eyes peeled for the go!


That’s right, you heard them… BLIND TRUST is out now!!!,,

– I’ll update the link to the stores as they show up!




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  1. Love it! Nan, doing a loop-de-loop? What other surprises has she got in store? Will be hanging on for the paperback, but I’m buckled in and ready for the ride…

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