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Featured Image -- 1061It feels funny knowing that this week I finished the first draft of Hindsight (Above & Beyond Book IV,) and Untrained Eye is in the hanger being given the sparkly treatment. Yet, sometimes it’s easy to forget that Blind Trust is the installment you’re all on!

When I was talking to Liz McMullen on her show (preview below…) she asked if it was hard to leave the characters after each installment. I’d not really thought about it before but I think, at least for me, my characters tend to stick around. It probably helps that I have written them quite closely to one another. Hindsight, for instance, has me excited about starting Midas Touch. The hard part is remembering not to let spoilers slip!

In the excerpt from Liz’s show, I was chatting about music and its importance in the book. I’m guessing most of you who follow the series might know that I used to be a musician. I have a tendency to get enthused when thinking about it so I did my very best not to get too intense.



Interviews really help you to think about things as an author. Sometimes you spend so much time with your work and words on a page that it’s nice to hear someone’s thoughts and answer questions Blind Trust Coveron the bits that readers wonder about. Although I’m working hard to give you the best books I can provide, that feeling of being—hmm, what word best describes it… a freshman, yeah, definitely—is still quite prominent.

It’s that sense of feeling your way, building your confidence, and learning how to bring out the best in your work yet shape up those weaker areas.

Karelia (one of the coolest authors about!) asked me on my Facebook thread for the show where I’d like to see my work in ten years, goals etc. I really had to have a good think about it!LaVieEnBleu

In a sense it was that I’d still be loving writing, still be improving, still be writing books and characters that people enjoy. I got the sense that perhaps, when it came to writing, I might always feel like a freshman in some ways.

It felt quite a nice thought. When you’re starting a subject that excites you, invigorates you and where there’s always something new to learn and to try. What I’m finding wonderful so far is how even the most experienced authors are still learning.

wpid-screenshot_2015-07-30-21-25-20.jpegI try to think of that when I read, that the author, wherever they are in their career, is still a student. I see my fellow writers as fellow students, I guess. Some are more senior and quite often go out of their way to help and pass on what tips they’ve picked up. Some are the bright eyed new students picking up a pen and paper (or computer) for the first time. It’s nice to welcome them in and offer a smile.

Either way, we’re all busy learning and writing because we love what we do. We love telling readers stories. Whether it starts from amusing ourselves, it is always nice to know what you’re doing gives someone a smile.

You can catch the rest of me babbling to Liz on her site. As always it was such a pleasure talking to her and I hope that if you enjoy, post a comment on her site to let her know that you watched and enjoyed:

The Liz McMullen Show – Jody Klaire


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