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Screenshot_2016-01-06-00-33-02Hey guys,

Hope you’re having a lovely day. I had an update from BInk on the paperback release so I thought I’d let you know and I’ve been getting lots of emails and messages so I thought I’d answer some questions!

First up, thank you for the patience with the switch over to IPG, I know it’s been difficult to give any set dates for releases while we moved over but it does mean that from Hindsight (out in August,) you’ll be able to pre-order eBook or Paperback so you’ll know when you’re going to be able to dive into the next adventure (hurray!)

Untrained Eye will be out on paperback March 1st, I’ve been informed which means a little longer to hold on for you book lovers, I know but I hope you’ll think it’s worth it!

If you haven’t read Untrained Eye some of the questions below will have (minor) details about the book. I try to avoid giving any spoilers away which is really hard! In case I have, any question involving UE will have a * before it.

Screenshot_2016-01-25-13-19-50*1. –  Jody, why, I mean why, why, why is Renee so irritating in Blind Trust and Untrained Eye? What is her deal?

 Poor Renee has been getting a lot of flack, bless her. Her story isn’t an easy one and she’s very much the sum of her parts. From throwing Aeron in with the Fury Fiends in The Empath, accusing Aeron of being calculated over Aimee, then there was the shutting Aeron out in Blind Trust wasn’t there? Oh and not to mention the moods in Untrained Eye. Yet somehow Frei and Aeron really love her, could it be they have seen what she’s been through to get there?

Without the teasing, Renee has always been a fiery character but she’s definitely a treasured one in my eyes. When I was writing Untrained Eye I knew some readers may start to see a glimmer of the story peeking through and others would just want to throw things at her. Either way, she’s great fun to write and I’m looking forward to you seeing the layers underneath.


*2. – Why is Aeron so patient with people? Why is she putting up with it all? And what’s with the naive thing?Screenshot_2016-01-22-18-02-39

 Renee isn’t the only one who had some flack this time around. The misunderstandings between Aeron and Renee resonate where they are and how they feel. The trouble with being an empath and the poor thing experiencing what it’s like to be one is that it’s easy to be overcome with everyone else’s issues. If you’re a fan of re-reading, keep a look out for the first time Renee displays that problem… and it’s before Untrained Eye.

As for the naivety? I’m guessing this has to do with Aeron’s cluelessness about Renee’s feelings for her. As she says in The Empath she can’t see anything to do with herself, to the point she’s almost blinded to it. It’s representative of how many of us can’t see the good or the value about ourselves even when it’s glaringly obvious to others.

And patience is what lies in Aeron’s heart. She’s a gentle soul who loves people even when they aren’t very nice to her. I adore her for it. J


  1. I love Nan – but why don’t we ever see Aeron’s grandpa?

That was an unusual question to get. The main reason Nan whooshed in was that she’d had a connection with Aeron, a close connection but Aeron never met her grandpa. No doubt he’s working as hard (between naps and card games) but Nan is the Lorelei connection.


  1. – Lorelei – It’s said Lor-eh-lie, why does Aeron say it wrong?

The Lorelei rock a huge rock on the mouth of the Rhine in Germany. It means murmuring rock to some and of course, filtered into folk tales because it has strong currents that make sailing past it dangerous. The reason why Aeron says it as Lor-reh-lee – is to make the distinction that although she’s a mountain of strength, she’s not in the habit of making people crash into her. Her family say it their own way, the same as Siobhan. Us Celts like to keep you on your toes…


  1. – WHEN will Aeron and Renee get together? WILL Aeron and Renee get together…

Now where did you get that impression? *Ducks from volley of abuse.* I’m guessing that a LOT of you are hoping they will. Alas, I asked Frei but she said—would you like to say it with me?— “I’m not at liberty to say.”


* 6. – Frei is my favourite character in Untrained Eye but I don’t understand why she’s so scared of Jäger and why she didn’t just escape like her sister.Screenshot_2016-01-11-19-54-03 (1)

If you read Hindsight you might.


  1. – I miss Mrs. Squirrel and Oppidum. Are we going back there?

Yup, in Hindsight and yup, our fluffy thief is back.


  1. – Is little Zack doing okay?

You’ll get an update from Aeron in Hindsight but he’s with Martha, Earl and Ronny so of course!


  1. screenshot_2015-12-31-13-52-49.jpg– Why all the tears? You’re either terrifying me, testing my patience with Renee (bless her, she’s getting it again,) making me bawl or raging at the injustice they have to face.

Thank you. I take that as a major compliment. If you’re stirred then hopefully that means I’ve done a good enough job to get you reading the next instalment?

If you are looking for light and comical, you could always look at Renovating Hearts Series – of which, La Vie en Bleu is the first and Best Maid Plans is the follow up. Hopefully you’ll find the romances as exciting but with less tears and scary bits.


  1. – You’ve got seven books in the series. Does that mean you’ve written all seven? WHEN IS THE NEXT ONE RELEASED ALREADY?!

There are seven. Hindsight is about to go to BInk for edits and all the wonderful sprucing up my editor does. (She’s handy with a feather duster and some glitter.) However every one of the books is planned in detail, chapter by chapter waiting for me to write them.

Hindsight is the next book and is out in August (available to pre-order,) which will be followed by a romance Best Maid Plans *Renovating Hearts – Book II* (that’s the follow up to La Vie en Bleu.) in the fall/autumn and Noble Heart *Book V* will be released next spring.

I love that you all can’t wait as much as me to find out what adventures Aeron has. It means a great deal that you’re all so excited and involved with the series. It makes it a pleasure to share her story with you.


Hope that answered some questions and didn’t answer others… (you should know by now that I’m a tease.)


Big Smiles,

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  1. This is great to hear; I can’t wait to have my mom read it. I always love to read your answers regarding the series.

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