Happy Mother’s Day!

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It’s Mothering Sunday here in the U.K and I was delighted with Ferb going out to buy flowers and a card. He must have been saving his puppy pocket money on the sly, bless him.

There’s different types of mothers in both The Above And Beyond Series and La Vie en Bleu. You’ve got distant ones, amazing ones (Who else likes Madame Chamonix?) You’ve got Martha from Blind Trust who is just as cool, Lilia, and Pip’s mum Daphne. All of them make a big impact and shape, in some way, the characters.

It’s a big task to steer a mini-person to being, what you hope, will be a responsible, happy, fulfilled adult. I try to show in my work that, although each mother has that wish, they are also human so sometimes that doesn’t quite come out the right way.

Sometimes other people have to step in and lend a hand, like Nan for instance and the absence of a mum can really make things tough like it did for Aeron in The Empath and Rebecca in La Vie en Bleu.

As I’m deep into Best Maid Plans (Renovating Hearts 2 – La Vie en Bleu’s follow up.) Mums are ever present as they are in Hindsight (Above and Beyond Series – Book IV.) It’s one of the most complex relationships that a character can have, can be rife with conflict and tension yet somehow can define how two people, sharing the same genes, can either be contrasting or complimentary.

As an author, it’s rich ground to explore and the more I write about mothers, the more I’m very thankful for my own. So if you have a mum who is wonderful, give her a hug and a smile. (Even if she’s not around, give her a squishy hug in your head.) It’s a real blessing to have, isn’t it? A mum that comes with a smile.

If you don’t, I hope you’ll just enjoy hugging your cat/dog/hamster/gerbil/furry friend/pillow/screen(?) and feeling the comfort, love and joy from that too. One mum, wanted to say her piece, so I’ll leave you with the one and only Nan. [Read on below!]


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