Spring In Bloom

Hey guys,

The weather has decided give us a bit of sun between hail storms, rain and wind, so no doubt lots of people here are trying to remember where they’ve put their sunglasses.

I’ve been quiet lately and a lot of you have noticed. I’ve appreciated all the messages asking how I am and if I’m alright so I thought it best to update you. I’ve had some interesting health challenges that have made things more… um… challenging. I’ve been scanned enough to know the inside of my hand like the back of it! So far, I’m doing okay. When I’m ready to train for triathlons, I’ll be in great shape, and possibly glowing enough not to need high-vis clothing. Health things are never easy to talk about or share and it’s even harder for those who care about you and want you to get well.

I have been busy writing and editing though. The cool thing about being a writer is that I’ve got lots of adventures to keep me busy. I’ve had some tough times but they’re all research and have given me a deeper perspective. So, if you or your loved ones are having a battles with health: mind, body or spirit, I’m giving you a wave and a smile which I hope will give you some cheer.

BInk are working very hard to get the paperback of Untrained Eye to you. Frei is still fussing over her hair and so Aeron is fashionably late (much like me normally) for her paperback release.

Screenshot_2016-01-11-19-54-03 (1)Hindsight (Above & Beyond Book IV) is in the workshop ready for August… ish and takes us further into the series plot while, I hope, giving you more of the characters and what makes them who they are. It was fun to use a whole other technique, writing wise, to bring the story to life. I’m not sure if you feel the same but Frei is a character I really love and, once again, you get to know her. Hindsight sees you meet Bess… who I really hope you’ll love as much as me; you revisit Oppidum to catch up with just what the new mayor has been up to… and Mrs. Squirrel; all on the adventure that sees Aeron and Renee push themselves and each other to help their dear friend.

BMP2 copy
Cover coming soon!

And there’s even room for two mini-fluffballs… hurray! In the build up to the release, I’m going to chat about how I tackled the characters and all the other extra behind-the-scenes fun.

I’ve also just finished Best Maid Plans (Renovating Hearts Book 2) which should be out in October for you. I have giggled myself silly writing it, taken in France… and Wales and there’s lots of fun with some sheep, a car called Gladys and of course the battle between France and England. We even have a spot of golf… oh and a wedding…

I am so pleased with both Hindsight and Best Maid Plans. Both sets of characters make me smile for so many different reasons. Keep an eye out for Laugh Out Loud anthology from Liz McMullen as Pip, Rebecca, Babs and Berne have wandered in to make an appearance…

You’ll also start to see on the website some greeting videos and possibly the transcript below. I wanted to say hello and welcome to you lovely international folks in your own languages… at least some of them. I hope that they make you smile, because I’ve had a go, and laugh at my attempts. If you can’t speak them but want to see me try, I hope it makes you chuckle too. Why not?

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Ferb is back to his furry best (see pics!) and is feeling much better. He’s working hard on his assistance skills and is now able to (at random) take off shoes, socks, trousers, t-shirts and jackets. If I’m not careful, he’ll take the shirt of my back too!


Big Smiles,


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  1. Eat Cake! It makes everything better…I’m cheering on the side lines for you.

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