The Whistleblower – Episode 2

Episode 2 copy


Did you enjoy the first episode of The Whistleblower Series? Have you enjoyed meeting Susan so far? I have to say that as I’m writing the series, Susan has got me smiling. She’s fun to write and it’s nice to spend some time with the Serenity folks who were a big part of The Empath. If you’re wondering about Hindsight, keep a lookout for the first two chapters that I’ll be posting up soon and, of course, the crew all boarding the flight. At the moment, Aeron is looking for her sunscreen; Renee is having a bit of an issue with static shocks and Frei is… well… as cool and unfazed as ever. While you’re waiting to go through security– Jed’s still playing with the handheld detector; Jessie keeps beeping and I’m pretty sure that’s Nan trying to frisk her–I hope that you will enjoy the next episode of The Whistleblower.

Whistleblower Episode 2 – No Shiny Objects

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