Best Maid Plans Preview and Release date

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Hi Guys!

I have been working hard to get Best Maid Plans ready to release and I’m really excited about publishing a second romance. It’s also going to be my first project which I’m independently publishing because, I don’t know about you, but there’s something about relishing a sun-filled romance!

It’s starring Pippa once more and her best friend Rebecca and I’ve packed it with as many giggles/chuckles/sniggers (whichever your preferred laugh!) and my love of French folk and their culture along with a visit to my homeland Wales.

It’ll be available on Amazon on eBook and Paperback 17th-18th June… but I’ll blog when it’s definitely available as I’ve not navigated independent publishing before. It’s been a fun learning experience where I’ve painted and designed the artwork, typeset–and scratched my head a lot, ate chocolate, scratched Ferb’s ears–and had to figure out such things like: how big is 222mm in cm and inches and why does different coloured pages make the book bigger or smaller? I’ve definitely learned the benefit of templates. Yes, templates which work and I can figure out without needing therapy…

So, I hope that you’re in the mood for some French romance, some British humour, some Welsh scenery and a story I’m hoping you’ll love.

Teaser for Best Maid Plans

Big Smiles!


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