Review of Best Maid Plans!

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  Just a quick blog to post a link to Velvet Lounger’s review for Best Maid Plans. Self-publishing is quite tough in the sense that you’re not sure if readers will follow you; if they’re going to give you a shot if they’ve never seen your work before, or if you’ve done everything correctly so people can actually buy your book! 

It’s also sweat-inducing because you don’t know if anyone will actually like it or buy it (as always.) Factor in if you’ve managed to post respectfully without spamming but enough people might realise it’s out; if you’ve set the right price etc, etc… and then you hit publish and chew your nails. 

Getting reviews and support just make things so much easier on your pores! Getting a review like Velvet’s produces a sigh of relief and big smile that, if no one else buys or reads it, someone enjoyed it! 

Check out Velvet’s blog and if you buy from the link on her site, Amazon donate to the Reading Room’s GCLS fund. Cool, huh? 

Entertaining sequel to “La Vie en Bleu”… charming and fun read for a summers day; full of laugh out loud moments, anglo-french passion and friendly shenanigans. Heartily recommended angst free romcom!

Velvet Lounger
Big smiles! 

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