The Whistleblower Part II – Episode 3: Pacemaker

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It’s been a bit of a busy month with releasing two versions of Best Maid Plans as I wanted to provide the same story but give more readers a chance to connect to Pippa and Friends.

Best Maid Plans – with Pip and Rebecca as you remembered them from La Vie En Bleu.

And Best Maid Plans – Ladies and Gentlemen’s edition – where you can discover Pip and meet Bern with stubble!

And don’t forget to keep your eyes out for Beached which I’ll be releasing and giving you a taste of in August.


Bedazzled Ink have confirmed NOBLE HEART will be released during the summer so I will keep you updated when I know more.

But, for now, here’s the next installment of The Whistleblower… and Susan is dusting off some memories…

apart ii Episode 3

Whistleblower Part II Episode 3


Well, I’m off back to write. Full Circle is wonderful, yet very bittersweet to write. Amazing to think it’s the seventh book!


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