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One of the fun parts about writing is when you’re feeling inspired. I think, sometimes, when you’re releasing books and thinking about the business side, it can really take away the part that made you want to write in the first place. 

Personally, I love every stage of the writing process but I’ve always found it harder when a book has been released because you can’t really know how much anyone is enjoying your work or what prevents or guarantees that they buy it. The only connection you have is when readers review a book or let you know. It means a lot when readers reach out and do just that. I’m sure I’m not the only author who feels that why! 

Lots of writers find the promotion part hard, and for many like me where getting out to festivals is pretty much beyond my ability, it’s difficult figuring out how to let people know about your work without either attempting to navigate advertising or driving people crazy on social media. I’ve always tried not to spam people because I hate it myself and I’m not in the position to update Facebook or Twitter a lot at the moment. 

From my perspective, I’ve offered free downloadable content for Aeron’s series as a way to bridge the gap between publications; I’ve signed up with Unlimited to give more readers chance to taste my work; produced seperate editions of Best Maid Plans so that more readers could enjoy the story with characters they relate to; kept writing, kept working and kept on creating stories I hope you’ll love. 

It’s an exhausting process sometimes so taking a trip out with my favourite Ferb reconnected me to that gentle source of inspiration and revitalised me. It’s a part, I think, that can be easy to forget and the joy of seeing pup discover a new beach, enjoy new sniffs and have that big soppy grin on his face is essential for me.

Relaxing and enjoying the little cove then twinkled something into life and I turned to Em and said, “hey, that’d make a good book…” Em nodded with that resigned expression… yeah, inspiration was tickling at me… again. 

So, I am back at my laptop today, half way through Full Circle, waiting for my Noble Heart edits and ready to line-edit 

Beached which will be out this month, plus lots of ideas in my head, more on paper, planned or in various stages of writing, and one little beach trip with Em and Ferb helped remind me that I really do love writing which is why I do it! 

Big smiles, 

2 thoughts on “Revitalise”

  1. Jody, I agree 100%. Writing the book is great – not always, but mostly! – and then it’s published and seems sometimes to sink into a great black hole. We are authors because we want to write, not market ourselves/our products, but there has to be a balance between the two. I’m not sure I’ve got it right at the moment – I’m focusing on the writing at the moment (revamping Rurik!) when I should probably be marketing Kingstone!

    So good to hear you’ve reconnected with the joy of writing again, though, and look forward to reading your next few projects! Love to you, Em and Ferb x

    1. Hey, Katherine!
      Definitely a fine balance! And yeah, there is probably a massive gap in the market for people who’ll market writers! That way, we can do what we are supposed to do, right? ☺
      Glad to hear you’re working hard on Rurik! Look forward to it! 😊
      Big smiles and love back at you!

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