Honorable Mentions!

One of the fun things about the Rainbow Awards is the Honorable Mentions. It’s always lovely to know if someone liked your book and it’s exciting when your work gets that mention. The Rainbow Awards raise a lot of money for some incredible causes so you feel good just taking part. Getting a mention on top of that is really smile worthy!

beached fcBeached

A charming “Being There” but with lesbians. This story benefits from a good balance of dialog and narrative strength. Some great comedic timing and description of people.

Rainbow Awards 2017


1) This is part of a series, and the best of the series thus far. The writing is exceptional, the dialog purposeful, restrained, important. The setting could have been more clarified, but the writing style keeps one reading until the setting is clear.
2) Interesting read. Great plot and characters. All were well written and developed in depth. Haven’t read the other books in this series but I will bed after reading this one. This one I couldn’t put down.

Rainbow Award 2017

Aeron and Mable are a pleasure to write and knowing that someone else is enjoying meeting them is wonderful. Big, big smiles from me!


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