Noble Heart Update and some arty fun


Hey guys!

I thought you’d probably want an update on Noble Heart by now. I can tell you that the typeset is in my hands and I’m just doing the eagle eye stuff to make sure it’s the best quality it can be for you. As I’ve said countless times, I really do love this book. I love them all but the girls (and guys but especially our girls) kick butt. It’s a book that sees them up against it and fighting battles emotionally, physically, spiritually, mentally and showing just what heroes are really made of.

Jessie is back in this book, Aunt Bess too, then there’s Frei’s family, Aeron’s family, and of course the bad guys and girls. It was tough to balance because they’re growing as a team but, the closer we get to them, the more it was important to begin showing heart and mind all while keeping you on an adventure, I hope will have you gripping on, buckling in, and cheering for The Empath, The Sharp-shooter and The Locksmith…


That inspired some concept art of the girls undercover. I had great fun attempting to show the bits about their characters and the roles they take on. You’ll notice that Aeron is holding something too… might be a hint about the book… *winks*

I seriously love these girls and from Frei being the sneaky, solid, strength; to Renee being the fiery, loyal protector, to Aeron being the calm, gentle, love. They make some team… and keep your eyes out for when you can get the chance to see just why!

Big Smiles!



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