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Hi guys,

One of the most amazing things about being an author is getting to research. You never know just who you’ll bump into on your journey…

At the moment I’m working on the setting of one of my latest projects and that took me to Hensol Castle. hc.jpg

It’s a 17th century manor house set in 650 acres of countryside and has its own 15 acre lake. A perfect setting for a book and has been used for all sorts of hit TV shows. I had some great ideas after being there… but also met some very interesting feathered friends… Lewis from Wings of Wales happened to be flying Harry, Florence, Rupert and the cutest little guy, Bert.

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Lewis (without feathers) runs workshops and exhibitions but Wings of Wales focus is conservation and hoping to introduce Florence, the white tailed eagle, into the wilds of Wales… Pup wasn’t overly sure about it but Florence promised that, if he shared his chicken treats, they would be friends. It was a rare and special treat to watch these magnificent creatures hopping, flying and showing off their good feathered looks.  It gave me an excuse to try out my wildlife photography and wild goldie photography.

Please give Lewis a HUGE smile for taking the time to share his love and vision for Florence, convinced me that getting out of the car was just fine and Flo (I can call her that, we bonded… from afar) wasn’t going to eat me although I wasn’t sure if Harry the vulture was eyeing me up though, I told him more than once that I did not taste like chicken and the only feathered fella that got to nibble on my pins was Ferb… Puppy teeth were mean… really mean. Harry is an endangered species so it’s a good thing his turf comes with its own room service! Thank you, Lewis, you really did brighten up our day and it was an incredible experience I will treasure.

Florence Goes Wild? has all the information on Florence Goes Wild! (as I’m calling it) and her friends (including Harry who looked twice the size of Ferb but then that could have been my lens) but there’s also some amazing photography from Lewis Phillips taking in some spectacular landscapes which showcase the beauty of Wales at its very best.

You can see his photography here at: Lewis’ Brecon Beacons

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Well, I’d better get back on and write… Some up and coming projects to look out for:

Above & Beyond Series – Book 6 – Black Ridge Falls is in Bedazzled Ink’s hands waiting for their sparkly editing pen to shine some sprinkle on it. I’ll keep you updated as I know!

Île Blanche Series – Book 2 – Jack’s Girl – Will be out in July. I’m working away on putting my favourite bar owner’s story onto the page. So far she’s got me chuckling and the whole cast of Mable, Chief, Beck, Jim and Harri will be on hand to welcome you back to the island!

In Fashion – Will be my first outing with YLVA. I’m going to start blogging about the book and explaining why I’m so very excited. It’s a romantic comedy I can’t wait to tell you all about!  #EmbraceDesigner.

The Pantomime Series 2 – Pulling The Rug – As we head into the festive season, I’ll be adding to If The Shoe Fits with my take on Aladdin…

The Whistleblower – Series 1 – I’m going to be releasing one episode a month as I did on the website which will build on the draft of Susan Gossett’s journey . The episodes will all be eBooks and paperbacks but I’ll combine the collection into a series box set (if you like your books on paper and want them in one neat place…) but of course, you can read and re-read The Whistleblower right here for free! *Mexican Wave*

Appearances: I’m going to be heading to two events (and maybe more) this year if you want to come and hug Ferb. (I know who the draw is *chuckles*)

I’ll be in Hebden Bridge for the Happy Valley Pride Reading Event on 7th August. (More on that soon!) Happy Valley Pride in Hebden Bridge

I’m attending ELLCON in Bristol 23-24th August where I’ll be on hand to sing through a workshop, lend Ferb out for cuddles, might talk some sense depending on if I’ve had enough chocolate… and um… there was something else… oh yeah, talk all things book related! *cheers*

If you’re attending, I may talk about more than books, I may talk about pens or paper, or the wonder of sellotape for getting dog fur from clothing… You know, important topics.

Anyway, Ferb’s telling me I need to work so best knuckle down!

Big Smiles,






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