In Fashion – The cover reveal…

Hey there!

Well, I’m really excited to talk about In Fashion. It’s my first project with Ylva. It’s been a lot of fun so far learning how the team work and settling in. It’s always a bit nervy when you’re the new kid on the block, even if you’re not really very new!

One of my favourite bits thus far is the shiny new cover that sets the perfect tone for In Fashion. I wanted to have a book cover that gave a hint of the story inside.


What do you think? I’m delighted with it! In Fashion is a romance all about facing and embracing your own unique design… #EmbraceDesigner

Big, big smiles,


2 thoughts on “In Fashion – The cover reveal…

  1. Liking the cover for your book Jody. It’s kind of like a movie poster and so different from your other books covers (not a bad thing at all). Is it the same cover designer or someone else who created this one?
    Looking forward to reading the book when it’s available.

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    1. Hey Maddy, it is very much like a movie poster… hopefully that gives a hint toward the plot… The cover is designed by Ylva’s team, so it is a new cover designer. I’m really thrilled with it!
      And thank you! I hope you’ll love it… I really, really do.


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