Hi all!

Yes, it’s summer, yes it’s grab-a-book-and-lounge-by-the-pool time, yes… it is time for BOOK BINGO!

13.- Twitter Summer reads (1)

Wonderful author, Jae, has come up with an amazing way to get you enjoying and perhaps winning FREE books. Yup, you heard me. So grab your dabber, dust off your bingo wings (even better if you already have a set of your own) and get ready for two fat ladies because Beached has been pulled out for this month along with some fun and summer-themed reads.

If you want to know WHAT book bingo is and how to play it, bingo shuffle your way over to Jae’s Book Bingo! and find out for yourself.

What a better way to celebrate sun, sand and summer than with stunning stories! So bang on the drum 71, for the two little ducks and get Bingo-ing!

Big smiles!



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