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Being an author is a dual experience sometimes. Most of the year, you lock yourself away with imaginary people and live in that created world. That’s the everyday side of it. But then, you have to change out of your PJs, travel to different places and be part of the excitement, sensory battering, rollercoaster that is being an author outside the house.

I always think of it in musical terms. When I was a musician, my everyday was practice, composition, recording in studios and band rehearsal. It was also the same for acting: auditions, learning lines, rehearsals and dress rehearsals. Then, suddenly it’s show time and you are ready to show what you’ve been working hard on.

Like then, I don’t feel nerves just excitement. I’m ready and itching to get out there and read, talk and enjoy meeting amazing fellow professionals and amazing readers. I love it. Exhausting, exhilarating and every bit as crazy as you could imagine.

Perhaps it’s something I might blog about. How’s this for a premise:

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWelsh people and a “well-behaved” Golden Retriever, travel the length of Britain, to the land of the Bronte Sisters, in a motorhome to read in public for the very first time. Will they be able to steer the several ton vehicle along those windy lanes? Will the pup take to a home on the move? Will they remember to pack the directions so they don’t have to harass the locals? And will Jody wow the crowd with her reading from In Fashion…?

With Em, Jody and Ferb on the road, it’s full throttle ahead for Happy Valley Pride, Hebden Bridge.

Perhaps a good subplot of this may be that we’ve never been in a motorhome before… oh yes, look out Hebden!

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Ooh, it might be useful to tell you just a little bit about In Fashion, right? Maybe a real blurb might be a good idea? And if you’re really excited and let me know you are, I might just go and post up the first chapter next weekend… what do you think? Sound like a plan?

In Fashion

in fashion coverBeautiful, fashionable, rich celebrity, Darcy McGregor knows all about perfection. She’s famous for stripping bare, restyling and rejuvenating women on her UK TV show, The Style Surgeon.

Millions of fans from London and Sydney to Cardiff and New York, hang off her iconic #EmbraceDesigner social media posts, and there is no challenge she can’t meet.

That is, until the day she meets brash, imperfect, security guard Kate Bonvilston.

Kate doesn’t care about fashionable clothes, quests for perfection, or impressing anyone, especially after having her heart shattered, twice. She only bothers to strut into Darcy’s changing room after her mother volunteers her without asking first.

In sizing up this impossible, annoyingly attractive woman, suddenly Darcy may be the one in danger of being stripped bare and exposed. Does she walk away from the woman who can rejuvenate her, or does she have the courage to embrace her own truth…and risk everything for love?

 A romantic comedy about facing and embracing your own unique design.

 Find it @ www.ylva-publishing.com


What do you think? I’m very excited. Darcy is one of the most enjoyable characters I’ve ever written. There is something very special about this book… and I can’t wait to share it with you… In person!

Big Smiles!


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