Cut and Run!



Well it’s been a busy summer so Ferb and I were glad to get some time to relax in Center Parcs. It’s one of Ferb’s favourite places even if he wants to roll in the sand on the beach when he’s not allowed. He also loves exploring the expansive forest with me on a mobility scooter (even if it doesn’t much like hills and Ferb wants to “go husky” and drag us up it.)

One of the coolest things about Longleat is that everything is accessible… as in really… the place is made for wheels of all kinds. So, when we were checking in to pick up our wheels we bumped into Caroline, the assistant manager of Freewheeling Cycle Centre who is a friendly face we love to see. While Ferb tried out his scooter, Caroline let slip that she’s running the Bournmouth 5k & 10k all on one day (this Saturday!) Not only that but she’s cutting off 11 inches of her hair for the Little Princess Trust…


Well, that’s why I decided to write this blog. Her manager, Jake, wanted to raise money for Cancer Research after his dad was accepted onto a new trial which, with a lot of smiles and hope, could replace chemotherapy. So far all the results are looking great but Jake noticed that the trial cost a huge amount and so he set up a golf day with a £1,500 target… £8,000 plus later and Jake could well be on the way to giving someone else the lifesaving chance of getting this new treatment. Now that’s paying love forward!

It resonated with me. I don’t know about you but I’d really like to see Cancer be nothing more taxing than a cold. One of the great things about being an author is that I can do something to help…


In support of Caroline running two races and giving her hair so children going through treatment can have some lovely blonde locks, I’m going to make Best Maid Plans free on Amazon all weekend… (from Sat 6th – Mon 8th) So, I’d love you to head on over to the Cancer Research site or the Facebook page Jake set up for his golf day if you can spare a few pennies, dimes, pounds, dollars, euros…

Mike Doddington’s Fundraiser – Cancer Research Page

Mike Doddington Cancer Research – Facebook

 Have a great weekend, smile big and love a lot!

jk and ferb

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