Black Ridge Falls


I’m sure there was something I was meant to say… Hmm… What was it?

Now Scribbles, you’re looking kinda confused. You want me to take the nut by its case and talk to these folks?

*Looks around* Er, sure… Is that Nan?

Who else would it be, dimwit? Folks, Scribbles got to go lie down with Ferb so I’m gonna take over and whistle you through her post. I heard you all been waiting on that Blondie and her thread. She’s too busy showing Shorty how to play football right now and between you and me, it’s not looking a whole lot more fun for Shorty than self-defense. Anyhow, I ain’t gonna beat around the haystack and throw you more nuts than you need but–

“Nan, who you talking to?” Aeron heads into the cabin limping.  

“Shorty, I’m talking to the good folks out there.” Nan gets out her knitting.

Aeron waves and pulls a big happy grin. “How’s it goin’?” She takes off her football helmet and chuckles. “They kinda look all intense.”

“That’s because they are waitin’ on Renee’s story.” Nan swooshes to Aeron’s left. “They get kinda excited.”

Aeron beams. “Renee is cooler than a Frei-cicle.”

“Aeron, I haven’t shown you how to kick yet.” Renee trudges in with full football gear on, rosy cheeks and a twinkle in her eyes. “Nan, are you playing with my computer?”

Nan whistles and Aeron shrugs. “If I’d been playing with it, I’d have a new hairstyle.”

Renee chuckles and walks over then leans onto the table. “Ah, that’s why you’re blushing.”

“I ain’t blushing.” Aeron shakes her head and blushes more. 

“Dimwit.” Renee smiles at Nan who chuckles. “Are you going to tell them Black Ridge Falls is out?”

“I was gettin’ to it.” Nan folds her arms and a football helmet appears. “No throwing before the whistle, Blondie.”

“What’s that mean…” Aeron peers at the screen. ” It’s 10% off on the Pedlar” 

“That’s the folks who make the cute covers.” Nan grins. “And they got a special sale for folks who want it now.” 

“Yes, otherwise they could go to or which store is their local version.” Renee says it with full salesperson charm. “Let’s hope they like me in this one. I get sooo much hassle.” 

“You confuse the molasses out of me and I–“

“Shorty, no giving nothin’ away now.” Nan taps her on the lips. Well, you heard it here folks. Black Ridge Falls is out now!!!

Big Smiles!



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