Confidence Boost

My confidence is low at the moment. (What an opening line. Feel the tension? Thought so. I’m unstoppable sometimes.)

I know all writers experience a lack of confidence and I know it’s a universal theme whoever you are which is why I wanted to hold my hands up and say that’s how I’m feeling.

So to make it clear, I’m under-confident about my writing. (Can you tell?)

In the past eight years, I’ve written 500,000 words a year, published twelve books, written three times as many which won’t get published, been in quite a few anthologies, written blogs, and all the prep work.

I’ve written 900,000 words this year, released two novels, released a novella, been featured in two short story anthologies and that’s without thinking about the planning that goes with it all.

I’m not a maths genius (or close to it) but that probably equals a lot of writing miles and so, technically, I should be pretty confident, right?

You’d think that, wouldn’t you?

If you know me, you know I’m a sunny sort of person. I defy medical science everyday so everything else is a doddle, right?

Er… no.

3779592812071086269Writing blues hit me just like every other fellow inmate at Authors Anonymous and I needed Ferb hugs to restore my smile. (Everyone should hug Ferb.) He tells me I’m a great writer all the time or maybe I’m getting “dog speak” wrong and he’s telling me to give him a treat, who knows. I like to think he rates my stories about “lively” golden retrievers pouncing innocent people.

Anyway, I digress, where were we? Ah yes, confidence… I have none. Slight issue that needs some conflict resolution. That’s when you, the readers, become vital. Yes, you. Yep, put the chocolate down. Yes, I know you think dark chocolate is healthy but I say milk chocolate has calcium in it and that’s good for bones. Either way, you there, with that stunning complexion and those breath-taking looks, you are vital.

“…as Renee, Aeron and Zack tried to escape from those after them in one of the most death-defying escapes ever written in fiction! The intensity, the tachycardic moves written in staccato pace, every word, every expression that Klaire brilliantly described ever so vividly…”

Me? you say.

Yes. Keep up. It’s exhausting re-explaining myself all the time.

You are vital because you have the ability to remind me why I love writing.


No, that’s crazy talk. You’re confusing me with JK Rowling and I’m not married to a doctor, even if it feels like it.


Um, not unless you count being stopped so someone can take a picture of Ferb.


Spot on.

But there’s also this other really big thing that’s important: I can reach people and move them.

Yes, I, Jody Klaire, am trying to be the creative equivalent of a forklift truck.

Fantastic. I feel better already.

When readers connect to something I wrote at three in the morning through bleary eyes and Ferb fur (think tumbleweed, people,) and they take the time to write down how my work made them feel (and throw in JK Rowling references,) they reach me and move me.

We are but mutual forklift trucks. (I should write poetry, I know.)

Those people, like angels, make me sit down and let out a long happy sigh that someone, somewhere, gets me. Knowing that my writing moves you and makes you smile stirs something joyful inside me.

If you’ve read the previous installments of this saga, you’d know just how brilliant Klaire’s skill is in writing action sequences. Book 5 gave me one of the most unforgettable car chase scenes ever written. This book gave me yet another whopping memorable, highly charged, adrenaline-pumping experience reading a long, non-stop, detailed action sequence that left me utterly exhausted with the ups and downs, the climbing, the bullet-dodging, the slipping, the falling, the rowing, the rolling…

And, from out of nowhere, confidence taps me on the shoulder and waves. (Interesting visual. I should go into films.)

This particular reader (see below) touched me when they expressed how they felt about Aeron. It reminds me why I chose to follow my heart with Aeron. I feel blessed that I get to tell her story in all its high concept complexity and sometimes, I get it right.

Mildly humorous blogging aside, I needed someone to reach me and move me. I needed someone to remind me that I love what I do… and I probably really need an editor for this blog but that’s beside the point.

cropped-20180824_151202-1227071224.jpgThank you, Bugs, for caring so much about something that comes from deep inside me. I’m not sure I have words to describe the boost you gave me writing your thoughts down and allowing me to share them.

Thank you to all the readers, beta and beyond, who email, tweet, post, message, write, yell… and let me know I am a forklift truck with Ferb fur.

And, thank you… yes you with the frown and puzzled expression… thank you for reading. (and check out Bugs’ full blog!)

May confidence tap you on the shoulder and not run off laughing.

 I felt like I was in the scene experiencing the same thing alongside Renee and Aeron. I literally felt the bullets flying all over me, hearing the whooshing sound when bullets missed us by the skin of our teeth! I felt every jolt, every fall, every scrape, every injury as Renee, Aeron and Zack struggled to get to safety.

Bugs own words

10 thoughts on “Confidence Boost”

  1. Your books are fantastic. They all have such a nice rhythm + flow and are written so well.
    They grip you from the very beginning and don’t let you go until you finish……then you are left bereft because the book is finished and the characters are still alive in your head. That is not something that most writers achieve (they want to!) and yet you have done this with all of the books in the Above and Beyond Series.
    All the best actors get nervous before a performance and they relish this because it ensures they give their best performance…..your low confidence in your writing could well be the same because it ensures your writing is then amazing.
    Keep on writing 🙂

  2. Jodie I discovered your books after a recommendation from a friend last year. I have read books all my life and I have only ever fallen in love with Darrell from Mallory Towers. I so wanted to go to that school. However, I am now totally enchanted and love Aeron, You absolutely bring her to life, I can picture her in
    my head because of your words. No-one elses, just you and your writing. I am so not a writer and not very eloquent, but from starting The Empath, staying up all night to finish it, then reading the whole series and now eagerly waiting Black Ridge Falls, with In Fashion inbetween, I count you as my favourite author. I hope you regain your confidence soon, and you have lots more big happy sighs and even Bigger Smiles xx

  3. Oh gosh, yes – we all get the low confidence, don’t we? I love the analogy of the forklift trucks! It’s so true. Like you say, what we do in writing our stories is all about the readers and the connections we make to them. Which is why it is so lovely, in those dark moments when the doubt demons strike and affect our confidence, to hear from the people we manage to reach through the thousands (many, many thousands in your case!) of words we lay on the page.

    You are an amazing author, an amazing person, and keep doing what you’re doing. Much love xx

  4. Jody.. Me darlin… You are a force of nature!!!!! Your writing is wonderful.. Your huge smile cheers me every time I see it. We live day to day with health struggles too. Never give up…. It’s what you can STILL do.. not what you can’t… is our motto!! Suz and I send you warm hugs and waves of belief in your strength of character…. To quote you.. Big smiles Jody!!!!!! Much love sweetheart. Mel n Suz x

    1. Thank you, Mel and Suz!!! So lovely to hear from you and know you’re cheering me on as I am you guys! ☺😊🤗 Big smiles right back to you. Much love to you both right back. You inspire me too!😊 xxx

      1. Bakatcha Jody… Be strong honey!! 💞 💞 💞 💞 💞 💞 💞 💞 💞 💞 💞 💞

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