Aeron and Renee

Hey there,

As I said in the previous blog Doodling, I was asked what Aeron looked like and if I’d do some concept art for her. I was also asked if I could produce a picture with both Aeron and Renee… so I did. I also thought I’d do some quotes about them and by them to celebrate those of you who love Aeron and Renee and are hoping that the “will they” becomes a “Yuh huh they did!”

Aeron renee quotes.jpg


“Just don’t expect flowers.”

It was great fun drawing them and now I get the urge to play around more, so do you have a favourite moment or character you’d like to see on screen from the books?

Let me know!

I hope you enjoy the artwork!


Big Smiles,


Aeron and Renee



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