Candleford – Episode 1: Not Quite A Hero

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As promised, here is Episode one of the new series. Please let me know if you want a mobi. or ePub version as I can’t figure out how to upload them on here!

Candleford- Episode 1: Not Quite A Hero

I hope you enjoy meeting Aggie and you might realise she has a familiar sibling…

Big Smiles!


2 thoughts on “Candleford – Episode 1: Not Quite A Hero”

  1. Hey Jody! Hope you and your crew are all well; I saw in one of your more recent blog posts that you’d had medical issues again. Hope everything is better now, all good etc. I’m curious to read Candleford and the other stories/works you have in the pipeline/in progress for future release. If you have an ePub version of Candleford you can send my way when you get a minute I’d be grateful for that. I’ll have to see if I notice a difference in your writing in Candleford and your other recent works when I read them; I did see and feel a difference in the pictures of yourself you’ve posted in the recent blog posts, if that’s any kind of clue or outward reflection of growth or change or whatever. In those pics you look like kd lang when she was at the beginning of her music career (do you know of her? she has an amazing voice – see her singing Hallelujah at the Vancouver Olympics; and she did a stunning photo shoot with Cindy Crawford decades ago that it lodged in my memory forever – it’s posted online too from Vanity’s Fair magazine cover shoot) and there’s something else I cannot find a word to describe. Anyway just wanted to say hello and to ask about the ePub and to wish you well. Hi to Ferb and company. Take care Jody and be well. -maddy


    1. Hey! ☺
      I’ll get the ePub over to you ASAP 🙂… and a big smile to you. 🤗
      I do know who KD Lang is, yup! She has a lovely voice *waves Canadian flag* 😀

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