Hayefield Manor Review

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Just a quick blog to share a smile with you. Hayefield Manor was reviewed by Kitty McIntosh over at Kitty Kat’s Book Review Blog and it made me grin so much to know that she loved it… and didn’t mind that Sophie can be a little bit terrifying!

Extracts from Kitty’s blog:

‘She had that irresistible ice queen vibe.’

‘It was one helluva ride with surprises and  revelations galore. Absolutely fantastic.’

I hope you pop over and check out Kitty’s review and a reminder that Hayefield Manor is available on Amazon, Bink’s own shop and Bella Books:

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UK Amazon

US Amazon

Bella books

And… if you’re really thinking about heading to visit Bink’s shop… Aeron’s series from The Empath to Black Ridge Falls are on sale at a discounted price to get you reading your way through them ready for when Full Circle will be available… (which I’ll keep you posted about!)

So I’m sending a massive thank you to Kitty for taking the time to read and review Morgan’s story! *Big smiley, Ferb-paw!*

I’ll post up this week’s Queer Tango episodetomorrow and I hope you have a wonderful smile-filled day!

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