Renee And Frei: A New Assignment Scene 7

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I hope you are enjoying the extra story about Renee and Frei. I’ve been even more under the weather this week so my reading might sound a bit breathy. I hope you enjoy going to dinner with Frei and her dad in this week’s scene.
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Renee And Frei: A New Assignment Scene 7

Renee and Frei -A New Assignment Scene 7 narrated by Jody Klaire

Frei checked her dress in the mirror and smoothed over the seam at the back. Huber, her father, had picked it and she felt as though she’d reverted to being his locksmith again. It was unlike her to dwell on memories—unless under the influence of venom—and she disliked it.

“You look… well like something my Nan would bake,” Aeron whispered from behind her as she stood in the doorway to Frei’s room. They were at the Eis estate which Sven was still in possession of and they needed to be convincing… they needed Aeron’s cover to hold up.
Frei turned, confused by the shy tone. “You wish to eat my dress?”
Aeron snorted. “Nope.” She sighed and ran her hand through her floppy red-brown hair. “I ain’t sure if it’s okay to say… an’ I don’t want you to think I’m acting like a chump by noticing… it’s just… you’re real pretty.”
Frei smiled wide enough that she felt her ears moving. “Your observation is very welcome.” She curtseyed. “I know you are not being, as Renee would say, a creep.”
Aeron nodded then fiddled with her hands.
Frei felt a wave of warmth and headed to her and took her hands. “You’ve noticed I look nice before. Why is this awkward for you now?”
“Um… well… it’s just…” Aeron blew out a long breath. “Just feels kinda strange to say nice stuff ‘bout how folks look.”
And by folks, Aeron meant Renee by the blush.
“It does… especially when you are pretending to be someone who is… a creep, yes?” Frei smirked up into big brown soulful eyes. “You are not a chump.”
Aeron’s eyelashes fluttered and she stuck out her tongue in thought. “I ain’t?”
“No. It helps if you talk to her.” Frei kissed Aeron on the knuckles. “She is a pain-in-the-butt but she is good with feelings.”
Aeron shook her head, alarm in her eyes. “Nuh uh.”
Frei chuckled, relieved to hear the sound, relieved to feel something other than worry and stress over locating Cold Lock and freeing her family. “No?”
“Nuh uh,” Aeron mumbled then pulled her into a cwtch.
“You could complement her. She may appreciate it?” Frei cwtched her back.
“I would,” Renee said as she strode in, heels dangling from one hand, from her bedroom. “You look beautiful.”
Frei curtseyed again. “As do you.”
Aeron pulled Renee, who “ooh’d” and dropped her heels, into a cwtch with them. “You kinda both do.”
Renee chuckled and wrapped her arms around them. “Back at you, Lorelei.”
Frei smiled up at a blushing Aeron and tried not to roll her eyes at the way the pair gazed at each other. “What Black said.”

Frei sighed, hearing how heavy it was and swallowed the lump in her throat. “I am not meant to be your mistress, so why am I in a dress so low?”
Huber tutted. “I didn’t pick the dress, the crazy doctor did.” He tided his shirt collar, checked his neat gray hair and then his watch. “Is the blonde tagging along?”
“Why, do you wish to lose to her in cards once more?” Frei asked enjoying his flinch. “Or are you worried that my mother will not act as a mistress should?”
Huber laughed, derisive, cold but with twinkling eyes. “Your mother could never be accused as acting such a way.” He nodded to the door. “She is as your genes dictate.”
“Faster than you,” Frei strode past him and stole his watch, corrected wonky buckle, and held it up over her shoulder as she picked up speed. “If you’re well mannered, she might even let you fire your own gun.”
Huber laughed that same familiar laugh, took his watch, and followed her down the corridor. “I suspect she is more likely to remove it and replace it with those contraptions you’re so fond of.”
“That is correct,” Stosur said gliding from her bedroom looking magnetic in a long silver ballgown. “You are only permitted darts.” She smiled and produced his pistol from her handbag. “Jessie requires it.”
Huber placed a polite kiss on Stosur’s cheek. “She also required me to give you this.” He pulled a box from his pocket and placed a glittering necklace around Stosur’s neck. “She tells me it lets her communicate with you and comes with some kind of device that I grew exhausted listening about.”
Stosur smiled, unguarded, at Huber. “She would have appreciated your attempt.”
“Does it pick up football scores?” Renee said, chomping on something crunchy as she strode out looking beautiful in a pant suit with pale blue blouse. “Line snapper has a lot of promise.”
Frei rolled her eyes. “I may dart you if you cheer or perform dance celebrations.”
Renee poked her tongue out. “Whatever, Urs, I can shoot and cheer at the same time.”
“Hopefully, you will just need to eat and look attractive,” Huber said with a stern tone. “And I may require your assistance in cards.”
Renee flicked up her eyebrow and checked her secondary pistol on her ankle. “You suck at cards.”
Stosur nodded.
Huber pursed his lips. “I dislike being outnumbered by women.”
“Why, you wanna wear a dress?” Renee smirked then finished chewing whatever it was she was eating. “Bess is ready to roll… let’s move, people.”
Huber looked her up and down, complete respect in his eyes, and strode along with Stosur’s hand tucked into the crook of his arm.
“You need to pretend I’m a doctor?” Renee held out her elbow with a cheeky look in her eyes.
“Have you stolen my whiskey?” Frei ignored the elbow and the comment, and the smirk on Renee’s face.
“Nope but Susan likes football. It’s nearly as fun watching her on the surveillance feed as it is watching the game,” Renee said with a flicked raise of her eyebrows. “She even knew the dance routine… she can’t remember who she is but she knows how to celebrate a touchdown.”
Frei pursed her lips certain that she looked like Huber. “You are not impressing me, Black.”
Renee snorted. “Well, you’re gonna impress someone in that number.” She shook her head at it. “Did Huber want you to show off your CIG tool stash?”
Frei tugged at the plunging neckline. “Susan picked it or so he said.”
Renee laughed in her full “army” tone and flicked her eyebrows again. “Then she has taste in football and… women.”
“I agree.” Frei followed Renee out to the chopper and ignored the offered hand Huber held out and climbed into the back. “Is the car waiting on the ground?”
Bess peered over her shoulder, raised her eyebrows then whistled. “Can almost see your lock picks.” She shook her head. “Yup, car is good to go.”
Frei nodded to Renee as she shut the door and Bess lifted them free of the ground. “Does Susan really like football?”
Renee smirked. “And pickle flavored chips… she was talking to the chair about how Jessie got her into them.”
Frei smiled, sure it was the kind of smile Aeron provoked and looked out of the window. She might not have been physically with them but Aeron was definitely always with them in heart.

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