The Empath: Book Review

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I wanted to share a review of Aeron’s series from The Lesbian Review (TLR), The Empath by Jody Klaire: Book Review that made me smile. Sheena read The Empath and I’m really thankful that they took the time to read and enjoy meeting Aeron! It’s always wonderful when someone likes your book cover they cheer Bedazzled Ink too!

Thank you!!

The Empath was my debut novel and I remember how exciting it was when Bedazzled Ink wanted to take on the series and how my editor worked with me to bring out a new level in my writing. My editor was always set on making sure it was shiny but genuine so it was my work with her guiding not her rewriting as I know many authors have had to cope with.

Editing was so much fun (and still is) I wasn’t great at showing setting and the emotional scenes, like Aeron and Eli in the river, turned from sketches into moving scenes. My editor was so patient, supportive and nurturing and we’d have track-change conversations about the American translations for my Welshy-phrases. It was an amazing feeling to see a story I’d written about a setting I’d never visited turn into an actual proper book. As I’ve said before, Renee decided she was major part of the story instead of the smaller part I’d given her and I’m glad she did!

So, thanks to the very kind and positive review, Sheena, I’m glad you enjoyed meeting Aeron!

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