Renee & Frei A New Assignment Act 2 – Scene 4

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I’ve been collecting hospital miles this week so this week’s episode is very medically inclined! I hope you enjoy seeing Susan in action and excuse my typos!

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Act 2 – Scene 4

Frei led their rescued POI into “Susan’s office” and cocked her head at Susan as she wiggled about muttering to herself about Alanna’s medical results.

“This is Susan,” Frei said trying to hide her smile as Susan jumped, spun around and blushed. “She likes to wiggle around sometimes.”

Susan put her hands on her chest. “However, she dislikes having impromptu cardiac stress tests.”

Frei smiled but the POI wasn’t paying much attention. She’d been quiet but happy to undergo Stosur’s checks, Aunt Bess’s checks and Renee giving her a psychological evaluation.

“This is a medical test but Susan’s very kind.” Frei ushered the POI forward hoping Susan could get more out of her. “I’m unsure how to explain her wiggling however.”

The POI smiled then averted her gaze.

Susan furrowed her brow and marched over. “Have you given her medication?”

Frei shook her head. “Why?”

“Why haven’t you given her medication?” Susan checked the POI’s eyes and sat her down on a makeshift patient bed that Aunt Bess had made—it even moved at the touch of a button, heated up, and gave you a massage.

“You want me to dart people?” Frei leaned on one of the stools Susan had borrowed from the kitchen.

“No,” Susan said and glanced at her. “For her seizures.”

Frei folded her arms and leaned her head forward. “Seizures?”

“You don’t recognise a seizure?” Susan tutted at her. “Her eyes flickering?”

Frei shrugged. “I was not paying much attention to her eyes because she seems not to wish to meet my gaze.”

Susan rolled her eyes then put something from a tube on her finger and put it in the POI’s mouth. “It’s part of her seizure. It’s a motor response to an absence seizure. Probably a Primary Generalised Epilepsy.” She nodded to herself. “The gaze could be temporal… so it could be complex partial… I need to run an EEG.”

Frei nodded. “I just thought she was shy.”

Susan walked over and kissed her on the cheek. “I’m giving you a course of zinc for the inflammation on the corners of your mouth.”

Frei rubbed at her lips. “I do not have inflammation.”

“You do and I ran your bloods to check why.” Susan batted her eyelids up at her. “You don’t absorb as much zinc as you need… probably your immunizations…”

“Aeron fixed my problems.” Frei studied the POI on the bed. She seemed to be asleep. “You darted my POI.”

“Aeron did fix you but you’re a human being too and therefore need running repairs like the rest of us.” Susan tapped her on the nose. “And I like fine tuning you.”

Frei cleared her throat. “Then I will tell you that you need to let Aunt Bess take you for exercise around the grounds because it is good for you.” She nodded and tapped Susan on the nose. “Wiggling is also good for you so please continue.”

Susan wiggled in response then started to place glue on the POI’s head and muttered to herself as she attached leads, then walked to the computer, then muttered some more, and walked back to the POI and did the same.

“The EEG is unhelpful?” Frei picked up the empty packet of chips on the desk and shook her head. Jessie was as addicted to the pickle flavor.

“Very, but I’m confused as to why she has several seizures… possibly injury but I need to rule out other issues.” Susan pulled over some kind of hat that she placed over the leads and then plugged that into a different computer.

“You wish to dry her hair?” Frei put the empty chip packet down.

“No, it’s a scanner. Jessie built it for me with some help from your mother who obtained the parts when she met with your father to choose their wedding rings.” Susan smiled to herself as she peered at the screen. “Completely unremarkable, wonderful.”

“Are we discussing the scanner?” Frei wanted to take a picture of it because Jessie had built it and tell her how clever she was which was an unnecessary conversation because Jessie knew she was intelligent.

“Yes, your daughter is incredibly remarkable in many of the ways you are.” Susan looked up and beamed at her. “And it is more than helpful to tell her you think her scanner is cool.”

Frei shrugged. “I’m unsure how you know my feelings about her scanner.”

“You smile right through to your hair follicles when I mention her, that’s how I know.” Susan went back to her screen. “You love her and it’s amusing to see you try to remain stoic when your emotions are so joyful.” She took a picture of the scanner then of Frei and held up her phone then removed the scanner and started taking bloods from the POI. “Jessie can see your doting smile for herself.”

Frei nodded. “It is probably more useful than my attempt to say she is remarkable.”

Susan placed a padded gauze on the POI’s arm and then wandered over to a machine and inserted the vials. “She likes it when you attempt to be affectionate. She blushes.”

Frei pulled out her phone. “Jessie, your machine is working as it should.”

“Thanks, Mom,” Jessie mumbled. “Miroslav helped and grandma did… I just… it was… do you think it’s cool?”

Frei looked at Susan who was beaming at her blood testing machine. “Yes.”

Jessie slapped something as if high-fiving someone. “Does it work?”

“Yes.” Frei walked to the computer and stared at the incredibly accurate images of not only the POI’s brain as an organ but then the electrical workings of it, the blood flow and fluid and chemical and hormonal interchange. “It works as expected.”

“Does Susan think it’s useful?” Jessie’s voice sounded like it was blushing for her.

Susan whooped then wiggled then cheered.

“I suspect she does or she really likes her blood testing machinery.” Frei chuckled as Susan turned around and strode over.

“It is an incredible piece of diagnostic imagery and I’m even more impressed that it is lightweight, easy to use, accurate and runs its scans in seconds.” Susan leaned into Frei to speak to the mouthpiece. “Your mother is smiling enough her heartrate has a meditative rhythm.”

“I’ll go tell Miroslav. He’s gonna blush so much.” She let out a big happy sigh. “Thanks, Mom… Susan…”

She cut the call.

Susan smiled up at Frei. “You can go back to being stoic now.”

Frei hugged her then focused on the POI. “Will you be able to help her. I’m concerned why she is fitting.”

Susan’s machine beeped, she held up a finger, and walked over to her computer. “It’s because she has had the same experimental medication as the girls in Serenity Hills… however it is the variant that Bison has used on Alanna.”

“Which caused her seizures?” Frei folded her arms.

“Yes, well… I think there is a primary generalized epilepsy too… so she’s had it from birth… but the experiments have made it worse.” Susan made some notes. “I can work on adjusting my experimental antidote to help.”

Frei walked over, gave her hand a squeeze, and headed to the door. “Then I will ensure you get some food.”

Susan smiled up at her. “And take your zinc supplements.”

Frei rolled her eyes but she would and she knew that Susan was aware that she would. It made her chuckle then smile. Susan called Jessie’s scanner remarkable but Frei would say both Susan and Jessie’s brains were even more so.

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