Renee & Frei A New Assignment Act 3 Scene 10

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As Renee was in a middle of a rescue in the previous scene, best we let you get on with reading Frei’s battle to wriggle free from Aunt Bess’s restraints.

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Act 3 Scene 10

Frei struggled against the ties binding her hands and legs to the chair. She understood why Aunt Bess and Stosur were trying to keep her from going into Gem’s industrial unit. But, it was Renee in there. They hadn’t been there when Frei had needed to rescue Renee from Yannick.

“Please do not glare at me,” Stosur said with a sigh. “Renee has ordered that you are to remain away from the unit.”

“Renee is not in charge,” Frei muttered and pick at the bind on her hands.

“You’re kinda right, Icy,” Aunt Bess said with a smile and tried to feed her more coffee. “But, Gem wants you to get yourself in a pickle and Renee is making sure you don’t.”

Frei unpicked the left hand. “Renee is blind and trying to navigate a unit full of traps.” She glared at the doorway not caring if Susan told her that she would administer sedative if she tried to sneak out. “She is struggling to breathe.”

“She has been inoculated against the toxin,” Stosur said in a soothing tone. “Although she is setting off the traps, she is protected.”

“But Fleming is not.” Frei unpicked the right hand.

“Abby, you need to watch for the plates on the floor,” Renee said in a calming voice in Frei’s earpiece.

“I’m trying to, there’s a lot of mess.” Abby sounded calmer because Renee was with her but still shaky. “And some kind of material strewn around.”

Frei flicked her knife off her belt, cut her ties and darted out of Aunt Bess’s reach. “I will dart you both.”

“We have your gun,” Stosur said with a confused frown. She touched her ear. “Frau Fleming, what is the material you can see?”

Aunt Bess put her hands on her hips. “You think I didn’t get inoculated against darts?” She wagged her finger, her blouse sleeve shaking as she did so. “I been training dimwits on the assault course long before you was a peanut.”

“It’s… um… a drab color… like chalky dirt but it’s definitely material.” Fleming let out a shortened breath. “I think I have allergies to it.” She sneezed.

Frei held Stosur’s gaze.

Stosur opened the door and held up Frei’s toolkit and dart gun. “You will need a mask.”

Aunt Bess threw her hands in the air. “You wouldn’t do good in boot camp.”

“It is material that is full of venom… it is hard to inoculate against.” Stosur rummaged through a bag she had on the side and pulled out three masks. “I will inform Susan so that we have the antidote ready.”

Aunt Bess rubbed her hand over her neck exactly the way Aeron did. “I ain’t sure I’m happy with anybody being in that unit.”

Frei smiled at her, squeezed her hand, and took her masks, tools, and dart guns. “You would not be a relation of Aeron’s if you were.”

Aunt Bess wagged her finger. “I will drag your skinny butts out of there if you get in a pickle.”

Frei smiled, nodded to her mother and sprinted out of the makeshift medical facility. She pulled on her mask and darted around the police manning their barriers.

“Black, how is your heartrate?” Frei tried to sound unemotional but flashes of Renee when she’d been hurt peppered her until she steadied herself next to the side door. “Black?”

“Now I know how Aeron feels,” Renee muttered back between ragged breaths. “Abby passed out.”

Frei threw herself through the doorway—a breeze hit her—she rolled, dodged then jumped and caught hold of a rusted overhead girder.

Clang, crack, crack, crack.

She pulled her dart gun and fired at the hostile ducking out from a crevice. Zip. Zip.

The hostile dropped and she dropped downward and glared at their mask.

“Black, keep talking to me,” she muttered as she sprinted on. The floor was covered in the scratchy material made to look like normal industrial produce or building material.

“Trying to,” Renee was panting and grunting. “Abby’s put on a few pounds since I carried her before.”

“You carried her?” Frei ducked around the corner.

A breeze hit her.

She ducked back. Glaring light poured into the corridor enough she squinted. She fumbled on the side of her mask and flicked the eye shield on.

“I did.” Renee was fighting for breath. “She was arguing with me about not trying to arrest someone who had helped us out with information.”

“Why?” Frei asked, pulled her pistol with her free hand, ducked out, Bam, Bam. Light shut off.

“He tried to get me to go out with him,” Renee said then grunted.


Renee oof’d then something thunked.


“Black, stop finding traps.” Frei sprinted down the corridor, narrow, dark and glanced at each derelict room.

“It’s kinda hard not to.” Renee sucked in some breaths.

“Why were you carrying her…?” Frei stopped as she spotted a body on the floor. Renee had said she’d fallen over a body.

“She passed out,” Renee said with a groan.

“When she wanted to arrest an informant,” Frei shot but she was panicking. The body on the floor was one of Pucker and Hewitt’s household.

“Oh…” Renee let out a wheezed breath. “She tried arresting me for telling her not to arrest him… I showed her self defense.”

“I am unsure why she found you appealing, Black.” Frei stepped around the trap. Somehow Renee had managed, blind, to avoid three separate traps which had taken out part of the wall.

“Same reason you like sitting on that seat tied up,” Renee said with a raspy chuckle.

“I am a locksmith.” Frei hauled herself over five extra traps all embedded in the walls then slowed as she heard movement.

“That your way of saying you’re mad?” Renee asked then clunked into something that crashed.

“Black…” Frei sped up, trying to keep her focus.

“It’s fine. I fell through a wall,” Renee grumbled. “I don’t rate whoever builds these places.”

Frei rounded another corner and spotted Renee on the floor. She was sprawled on a palette with Abby still in her arms, inches from a blade jutting from the floor.

Frei wheezed out a breath. “Thank you, Nan.”

A breeze swirled around her.

She hurried forward, yanked the basic mask from Renee’s head and placed the respiratory protective one on. She placed one over Abby’s face and then tapped Renee’s cheek.

Renee swung her arm out. Frei batted it away.

“Black, I cannot dart you so stop trying to hit me.” Frei hoisted Abby up and over her shoulder.

“Urs, you had better not be rescuing me.” Renee scowled then scrambled to her feet. “You’re meant to be tied up.”

“I’m a locksmith.” Frei grabbed her hand and tugged Renee to her and in front of her. “You move your feet when I tap your heel.”

“Can I just boot you instead?” Renee muttered but she was relieved and her voice flowed with it.

“No, you can try when you have been given the antidote.” Frei steered Renee down the corridor.

A hostile stepped out.

Renee fired. Zip. Zip.

The hostile dropped onto the floor.

“You have been around Lorelei for too long,” Frei said but she’d only managed to place her hand on her dart gun as the hostile dropped.

“No, I’ve always been the best with a gun,” Renee said in an arrogant but shaky tone. “Did the traps hit me…?” She wheezed then hunched her shoulders.

“The entire unit is a trap.” Frei steered her around each of the five embedded blades. “We need to find those teenagers.”

“I’ve collared them,” Aunt Bess said with a jolly tone. “They passed out.”

“We are carrying them to Susan,” Stosur said with a blunt tone. “They are underage to drink.”

Renee chuckled then hunched and rubbed at her chest. “Says the locksmith.”

“I did not drink underage,” Stosur said in a maternal tone. “It is not good for you.”

Frei steered Renee around three traps. “I drank underage but then I did not know what my age was.”

“He let you drink underage?” Stosur muttered then clunked something. “Susan, you cannot administer the treatment to the chair.”

“I’m not,” Susan said in the background. “I’m getting it to double check I have the correct dosage.”

Renee sighed.

“It helps her to be correct,” Frei said as Renee stopped.

“It’s not that.” Renee stood fast as Frei tried to push her forward. “I found a trap.”

Frei glanced down at the floor. Renee’s toes were on the trap and her heels were holding her weight off it. Frei glanced up at the ceiling, walls and floor which all had blades easing out of them ready to snap out.

Frei gritted her teeth, lowered her body, Abby still on her shoulder and charged.


Clang. Clang. Clang.

Renee crunched into the floor, Frei onto her with Abby in between them.

“Urs, are you okay?” Renee asked in a muffled voice.

Frei winced at the pain in her foot. “We need to move.” She glanced back and tried not to panic at the clicking sound echoing through the corridor.

“I got that.” Renee pushed herself up as Frei hauled Abby back onto her shoulder. “We need a better system than you booting my heels.”

Frei winced as her foot shot pain right through her leg. “We do.” She hauled Renee up enough her feet were off the floor. Renee steadied herself, holding her body weight central, one hand on Frei’s hip.

Hostile ducked out. Raised their pistol.


Bullet zipped by.

Frei dodged and charged forward.

Renee fired. Zip. Zip.   



Blade hit the walls each side.

“It’s harder when you’re dodging.” Renee readjusted.    

Hostile aimed again.

Frei dodged to the left.


Bullet grazed Frei’s shoulder and she grunted.

Renee fired. Zip. Zip.  

Hostile dropped.

Clang. Clang. Clang.

Blades shot across behind them. Frei sped around the corner. They were in the corridor where the light trap had been.

Crack. Crack.

Frei dodged to the right.

Bullet hit the floor.

Renee fired.

Zip. Zip.

Two hostiles dropped from the ceiling in front of them.

Clang. Clang. Clang.

Frei picked up her pace, clearing the hostiles as the blades shot across at head height.


A breeze hit them.


Frei vaulted over the blade as it fired into the wall.


Bullet hit the blade shooting up from the floor.

Frei vaulted again.

Renee fired.


Hostile dropped.

Frei burst around the corner. Three hostiles raised their guns.

“Fire at will,” Frei said, eyed the trap to the side of the wall. “Fire left.”

Renee fired. Zip.

Trap shot out. The hostiles darted out of the way.

“Fire front.”

Renee fired. Zip. Zip. Click. “Need to reload.”

One hostile dropped.

“You can’t.” Frei dodged to the side.

Clang. Clang. Clang.

Trap shot out. She jumped one—ankle height. Vaulted two—Waist height. Ducked—head height.

Hostiles barred the doorway. Aimed.

Frei charged.

Clang. Clang. Clang.

Frei dodged, vaulted, ducked.

Zip. Zip. Zip.

Hostiles dropped.

Aunt Bess ducked in through the doorway, gripped hold of Renee’s arm and yanked.

Clang. Clang. Clang. Crunch.

Aunt Bess hauled all three of them out of the way with ease. “Shorty won’t like it if you spring leaks.”

Frei wheezed out a breath as Aunt Bess placed her down.

Renee sunk to her knees, gasping and Aunt Bess gave her, Abby and Frei a shot.

“You get in some pickles,” she said with a gentle smile, a shake of her head, and a chuckle. “Now let’s get you fixed up so the doc can look at Blondie.”

Renee shook her head. “I don’t want to see Susan. She’ll recognize me.”

Aunt Bess peered down at her. “Guess you’ll have to put up with my attempt then.” She hoisted Renee up with one arm and Abby, who was still out cold, with the other.

Frei limped alongside then paused and closed her eyes. “Thanks, Nan.”

A gentle breeze fluttered around them, Aunt Bess beamed at her, and Frei let out a relieved breath. Now she just need to explain to Susan why her foot was bleeding.   

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