Review of Untrained Eye

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I wanted to do a separate blog to say thank you to Carol at LesBiReviewed for her lovely review of Untrained Eye. It’s been a few years since I wrote it but I have to thank my editor for helping me get the setting right (she works very hard.) We used street views together on calls to explore where the academy could be set and I hold those conversations in such fond memory. So, a massive thank you to my editor at Bedazzled for being so wonderful.

When Em read me Carol’s review, I’d forgotten how much I put my characters (and readers) through so much emotional battering. When I write some scenes, I make myself cry so felt emotional knowing it did connect to Carol… but hopefully I make her smile too (and you!)

It’s lovely when someone is enthusiastic about a story that you (and beta readers and poor long suffering editors) have worked so hard on. It means a lot, so thank you, Carol, and thank you to every reader who says hello and that Aeron makes you smile.

Please, check out Carol’s blog and video review here: []

And feel free to tell her she’s wonderful for being so kind.

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