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This week’s scene and Aeron is bored…

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My thoughts: I really enjoyed writing this scene because Aeron makes me smile so much. This was one of the scenes when I rewrote the novel and I let Aeron take the scene where she wanted it to go and, as always, she felt a lot of my own experiences of when I’m bored while recovering… although Aeron certainly makes her recovery far more entertaining…

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Chapter 12 Scene 2

I was so bored I could cry. I’d folded every piece of laundry——by my bed ‘cause the weird voice thing kept chirping at me when I head near the laundry cupboard——I’d polished my bed frame with my sheet until it looked like something CIG would award badges for, and I’d drank enough water that my stomach felt like it was sloshing and swishing everytime I moved.

There was one girl in the ward with me who was on all kinds of tubes. She weren’t a whole lot of conversation and her injuries were so bad my feet went numb looking at her. Didn’t much like thinking I couldn’t help neither.

The reason I was trying to keep myself busy was that I kept seeing flashes of Susan Gossett electrocuting pens and talking to me but I wasn’t me in the flash but an object. If I weren’t seeing that, I was seeing Aunt Bess searching for sweets. So much so, that I wanted a sweet only I couldn’t ask for one ‘cause my throat was still sore.

I sighed. Drinking loads of water only made me need the ladies… and the ladies was all the way down the corridor past the speaking cupboard.

The nurse on duty smiled at me as she went about medicating the unconscious girl. I could feel the same medication spreading up my own arm and I got up. I hated the stuff when I got shot with it I weren’t sitting ‘round so I could feel her getting drowsy too.

“Aeron, are you okay?” The nurse asked as she finished up and checked over the girl again.

I pointed to the water glass and down the corridor.

The nurse smiled. “Let me help you then.”

She stashed the needle in one of them boxes and headed my way. Pain rippled across my stomach and I held up my hand. Nuh uh. I had enough of my own issues with lady pain let alone feeling hers.

She studied me. “I don’t have anything electrical on me.”

They’d now figured I blew stuff. I was glad. Frying machines only gave me static shocks.

“How ‘bout I just walk near you then, in case you need help?” She was smiling at me even when she could have used a shot of the stuff she gave the patient.

I shook my head and motioned to her stomach and winced.

She pulled her mouth to the side. “Is it that obvious?”

I nodded. Easier than telling her I could feel the pain.

She smiled and headed off to the staff toilets and I trudged my way up the corridor.

The institution had a reputation. Everyone in Missouri could have told you that it was no place to work. Who cared about reputations when it was a perfect excuse not to go home and deal with the embarrassment? Yeah, it was easier just to work here through the summer then head back to college. Wasn’t like that Casey girl was a good girl. Baby could have been anyone’s.

I put my hand out not to headbutt the wall and stared at the laundry cupboard. That weren’t the same voice I’d heard in there. The first voice was female. This sounded like a young guy. Especially the baby part. Could have been Sam talking like that.

I moved up the corridor then felt it more than saw it fade.

Renee and Frei in some kind of side room. A computer on the desk. The door was open. Frei was busy downloading the files but a swarm of hostiles were heading their way. The hostiles weren’t just planning on shooting them.

I glanced around the room. There was no way out and the guards were going to hit them both sides. I reached out and touched Renee to try and warn her but she couldn’t feel it. Had to think of something. What? Nan was better at this stuff. Nan… Yeah.

I whistled.

“Why can I hear whistling?” Renee gripped her head. “Jessie?” but her heart thudded and pinks covered her. “Aeron?” She whispered in her mind. “Aeron, is that you?”

I whistled louder.

Frei headed over to the window. Talking. Worry bees buzzing around her head. Renee had her hands clamped to her ears.

I whistled Moonlight Sonata hoping she’d cotton on.

Renee staggered to the side. I stumbled out of her way. Hit the wall.

Uh oh. Something electric was on it.

Hostiles ducked out to open fire.

Renee put her hand through where I was standing. Hit the wall—— 

“Frei!” I whistled at her.

Frei ducked, threw Renee onto the floor. A huge spike shot past them and floored the hostiles.

I winced.

Frei pulled Renee to her feet and they ran.


The ward slammed into view as the thermometer flew out of the doctor’s hands and embedded itself in the wall.

He lay groaning on the floor with three nurses around him. “Is she… awake?”

I lifted my head up then rolled onto my side.

“Yes, doctor,” the nurse gave me a confused smile. Guess old fashioned thermometers weren’t compatible with me neither?

He groaned to sitting. “I made the mistake of answering my cell phone.”

He pointed to it embedded in the ceiling.


“You seemed to be asleep but you were whistling,” he said as nurses helped him up and then tried to help me up. “I was worried you had developed a fever.”

Trying to explain I’d seen Renee and Frei in a pickle and whistled to help them probably wouldn’t have fazed him. What would have fazed him is if I’d told him Renee had been Dr. Serena Llys and looked all kinds of lady in ballgown. I weren’t sure where she had stashed her toolkit.

I whistled with a chuckle. I didn’t know what that had been but I got the image of Renee tackling a grizzly and… well… I weren’t thinking on the rest.

“Exactly,” the doctor said like me whistling was about the cell phone.

I whistled again and lumbered back to bed. Didn’t care if passing out was some kind of Serenity style crazy, I felt like Renee and Frei were close and that was worth the blisters on my lips from the thermometer.

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