Boot Camp Act 3 Scene 7

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Renee is enjoying catching up with Spokes, a good military friend, over a lot of alcohol…

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Boot Camp

Act 3 Scene 7

Renee yawned and held her head up with her hands as she leaned on a bland military style desk. The snow outside made everything look lighter even when it was dark.

“You want another drink?” Spokes, an old military friend asked. “I need to celebrate another messy divorce.”

Renee pushed the empty glass his way. “Why’d this one kick you out?”

Spokes cleared his throat and poured them each a double. “She found out I have kids.”

Renee shook her head. “You don’t have kids. To have kids, you have to actually be part of helping them grow up.” She took her glass and swirled it around. “Alimony doesn’t count.”

“Does to my bank balance.” He tapped his glass to his head. “And, hey, I have two kids with one woman. It isn’t my fault she left.”

“She didn’t leave, Spokes. You weren’t there enough to leave.” She sighed and downed her glass. “Just like I was never there for Abby to leave.”

“You sound cut up about it.” He smirked. “I can comfort you.”

“Now you sound like Fitzpatrick,” she mumbled and shoved her glass toward him. “He thinks he can drink me into bed too.” She rolled her eyes then stared at her glass.

“You aren’t ever this beaten,” he whispered then lowered his glass. “What did that guy do to you?”

She met his eyes then went back to staring at her glass. “I need to get on the chopper and head to Urs.”

“Now, I’d like to drink her into bed.” He nodded then chuckled then poured more drinks. “Wouldn’t you?”

“Nope,” Renee said then smiled then chuckled. “I know her far too well… maybe… I guess… I love her… I just don’t love her in that way.” She shrugged. “Weird, isn’t it? ‘cause I should… she’s beautiful… I love her… but… it’s not drinking into bed kind of love.”

“Who is talking love here?” Spokes said and slammed his drink back.

Renee waved it off and frowned at her glass. “Love sometimes just strolls into a room and argues with you.”

“My ex did plenty of that and it wears off.” Spokes let out a long sigh. “But sounds like you’re interested in someone else?”

“Yes… but as she’s a junior officer… guess I’ll have to stick to letting you and Fitzpatrick try getting me drunk.” She stared out of the window at the snow filled base. “Besides, she wouldn’t want me.”

Spokes laughed. “Maybe I should try drinking her into bed instead.”

Renee winked at him.

The base alarm went off.

They both ditched their drinks, pulled their pistols and glanced around.

“You stay where I can see you,” Spokes mumbled then hit his radio. “Status?”

“Local town has been hit by an avalanche. They are requesting assistance, sir,” the officer fired back.

“I’ll need medics, a chopper, and some coffee.” Renee got up and hurried to the door, Spokes following. “ASAP.”

“Ma’am,” the officer said.

Spokes shook his head. “You are meant to stay on base.” He tried to frown at her then smirked. “But you just can’t help yourself, can you?”

Renee shrugged. “I can’t fly. You’ll have to make do with taking me out for fun.”

Spokes thumbed towards some doors. “Sounds like I need a coffee too.” He laughed and escorted her to the equipment room. “Guess we’ll have a base load to keep an eye on us.”

Renee winked at him and tried to ignore the pain in her back. “Yup.”

“I shouldn’t be letting you off base.” He slowed then glanced at her. “You get that.”

“If you don’t, I’ll tell Urs that you’re in love with her and want to pay alimony.” Renee smirked then strode by him to the doors. “Imagine how she’d react?”

He grunted. “I hunch and I’m her rank.” He shook his head then squeezed her arm. “Let’s go rescue people and get cold.”

Renee pushed open the doors with her backside. “I might even fire my guns if you ask nicely.”

Spokes chuckled and followed her into the equipment room as she tried to shake off the pain. She was still an officer. She was still useful. She was great at rescuing others… just not so good at rescuing herself. She shoved on her cold weather gear and focused on the briefing Spokes fired at her. It was better than thinking about Yannick or Abby or that she loved someone who she couldn’t date and who wouldn’t be interested. Yes, she was good at her job. She loved her job.

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