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This week’s scene sees Aeron earning some Pecan pie.

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My thoughts: Well Aeron is definitely powered by water and I enjoyed writing this scene because she’s also showing how much she’s powered by love… and that she is getting into being a protection officer. I don’t know about you but I could definitely do with being able to get the same effect from showers!

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Chapter 14

Evening sunshine bathed the floor of the ward in little yellowy-orange boxes. Heart monitors beeped away, their green pulses faint in the sunlight. The nurses were busy doing meds and I was bored again. I was bored but too chicken to go near the laundry cupboard because even going past to the toilet gave me the Eebies and I could hear that woman——whoever she was——talking.

I’d figured it was a memory. It felt almost like a recording. Buildings did that, stone did that, and I knew that Serenity was enough to make anybody coat the walls in their thoughts.

“Aeron, have you had more water?” The nurse narrowed her eyes at my full glass.

I shook my head. If I didn’t drink, then I didn’t need to go to the ladies.

“You have to drink up. The doctor wants you making five liters a day,” she said in a tone Nan used a lot when I was a kid.

I shook my head again.

The nurse tutted at me with a maternal smile. “I’ll give you a slice of pecan pie if you do.”

I grinned. The nurse had brought in some from home when her husband couldn’t finish it. All the nurses were on a diet so, being the only conscious patient, I got the remaining slice. She’d caught on real quick how much I loved it.

“Drink your water and I’ll fetch you some.” She chuckled at me and gave my hand a squeeze.

“You can’t come in here.” She said standing her ground.

Sam laughed and pulled his knife. “I can do as a please.”

I rubbed my head. Rubber floor, sure, but it was still hard.

“Aeron, can you hear me?” The nurse was half-checking on me, half-rubbing at her hand.

I glanced down the corridor. Buzzer sounded for the door. I held onto her and made gasping noises. If she was dealing with me, Sam wasn’t getting in.

The buzzer sounded again.

She looked over her shoulder. The corridor was empty but for one nurse who hurried to the door.


I leapt up, grabbed my water glass, and hobbled. Woozy. Woozy and wobbly. Corridor was swaying.

“Aeron, stop!” The nurse sounded irritated. Must have thought I was trying to escape.

Nurse at the door stopped and turned. “Aeron, what are you doing?”

I waved my free hand hoping she would listen.

Wooziness took over and I slowed. I chucked water down my throat. In fact I sank half the glass.

The nurse raised her eyebrows then turned back to the door. I was next to the toilet.

“Aeron,” the nurse who liked pecan pie said beside me. “If you feel sick, I’ll just get you a bowl.”

I gasped for air. My eyes felt like they’d pop from the pulsing. I waved at the door.

The nurse in front of it went to open it. “Can I help you?”

No. I staggered off after her.

Pecan nurse held my elbow like she was trying to help me. “You want to try the shower?”

The shower room was near the door.

“I’m sorry but you can’t come in.” The nurse frowned. She went to shut the door but a hand shoved it open and the door hit her clean in the face. A guy in a guard uniform stormed in with a knife in his hand.

The pecan nurse went to bar his way.


I yanked her back, downed the rest of the water, and narrowed my eyes.

The Rogue Guard smiled. Yeah, he was there to find me.

He thrust out his knife.

I caught it, snapped his wrist the wrong way, stuck my hip into him as I pulled the knife free, and threw him over my shoulder onto the floor.

Who knew, self defense worked.

He grunted and I handed the knife to the nurse holding her bleeding face.

“Office,” I gurgled, then coughed, then gasped. “Lock in.”

The nurse shook her head.


The guy rolled onto his side.

Pecan nurse hit the alarm on the wall. “Who are you?”

The guy laughed and pulled his gun. They always had guns. I hated guns.

“Shower.” I gurgled at the pecan nurse. “Shoot the shower at me.”

Water was wearing off.

I dive-slumped onto the guy and smacked him in the face then prized the gun from him.


He punched me clean in the face and I rolled into a heap.

Guess self defense didn’t always work.

The Rogue Guard picked up his gun but the nurse hit him across the head with the fire extinguisher and then let rip with the nozzle.

Water hit me hard in the face and I spluttered.

The guy raised his gun.

I dived at him and slammed his hand to the floor.


The bullet hit the wall opposite and the nurse cracked him with the extinguisher again then fired more water on us. Energy pulsed through me and I pulled his arms behind his back and shoved him into the floor.

The doctor burst through the doorway with two guards.

Pecan nurse pointed to the guy. “He attacked. He tried to shoot us!”

The guards took over from me and hauled him out as I rolled onto my side with a groan. The doctor knelt beside me and checked my pulse.

“It’s rapid,” he said, exchanging a worried glance with the nurse.

“Help me to the shower,” I gurgled, spluttering all over the place. “Shower.”

They nodded and the nurse from the office helped them drag me in and stick on the jets. Warmth hit me like sheer relief.

“Don’t touch water,” I managed feeling the water pull at me. It couldn’t heal what I’d given helping others but it was healing something, I could feel it.

Soft hands, a smile, her grays filled with affection. “It’s cranial. Let me help you.”

I lay back and felt Renee’s soothing voice fill my mind, my heart. Yeah, she had her own kind of freaky. I leaned in toward her lips——


The light nearest to me popped. The doc and two nurses covered their heads, yelping. The water pulled harder.

“Renee, if you can hear me. I’m okay. I’m in Serenity.”

A second light popped. I held onto my knees feeling my ribs ease, my throat ease, my ankle ease.

“Aeron?” Renee’s voice. “I hear you. I hear you!”

I leaned my head back and let out a long groan as the rest of the lights in the room popped, the water stopped, and I got a big bullet of a gust. Nan could yell all she liked. I could hear the relief in Renee’s voice, the joy. Whether it was real or I was hallucinating, just hearing her voice fueled me even more than the water.

“Get the trolley. I don’t want her walking on any of this glass,” the doctor seemed completely unfazed that I’d knocked out the lights or the fact that I didn’t so much have a scar on my ankle when it had still been a nasty wound. Guess he’d worked in Serenity a while.

They hauled me up onto the bed and Pecan nurse studied me. “That’s three times you’ve protected us when someone attacked.” She smiled at me. “But what I don’t know is how you knew that man was going to hurt us.”

The doctor gave her a lopsided grin. “I read your notes. You seemed to save Doctor Gossett a lot too.”

“She saved my butt enough times.” I let them help me into the bed.

“I don’t understand why you’re even in here,” Pecan nurse said. “I don’t understand how water helped like that. Who are you?”

I met her eyes and smiled, feeling that my throat was healed and my breathing was easier than it had been in a while. “I’m Aeron Lorelei… and well… I’m kinda freaky.”

She chuckled. “Good freaky and you definitely earned that pie.”

I grinned. Now that was reward in itself.

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