Brief pause from Boot Camp – Update on Full Circle

Hi there,
I’m pausing Boot Camp this week to update you on Full Circle and all my books. With a very heavy heart, I left my publisher this week. I was hoping that they would be a part of giving you Aeron’s full series but… unfortunately it hasn’t worked out that way. That means I’m going to go it alone and you will notice that La Vie En Bleu, Hayefield Manor, The Empath, Blind Trust, Untrained Eye, Hindsight, Noble Heart and Black Ridge Falls will be changing look slightly if you go looking for them on Amazon. I will have the original versions up for you to start then Aeron’s series will get a re-edit, some tweaks and polish and be released as a collection… of course when I’ve released Full Circle.
I feel sad but I am very grateful that my former publisher believed in me and for my former editor’s enthusiasm up until now. I have great affection for them but, like Aeron, others may help you learn how to use your wings but it is by your own effort that you truly learn to fly.

So, below is a short video about Full Circle with a special front cover reveal (I’m having some technical problems. So I will upload a smoother version as soon as problems are resolved.) The cover is in three sections and it is inspired by our rain-cycle, how water feeds us, washes us and sustains us. The hands are my own and the colours are designed to show a calmness and happiness. I hope that you love it!

I’ll be editing Full Circle, in between completing assignments for university so I will be working very hard to get Aeron’s story to you at Frei-speed. Please bear with me and I hope that I will continue to have your support and faith in my writing.

Big Smiles,


One thought on “Brief pause from Boot Camp – Update on Full Circle”

  1. Hi Jody.

    I’m hoping this email finds you in good health.

    On the publisher front, that is sad news indeed. Nonetheless, I’m grateful you’re still moving forward as this series is indeed one of my very favourites.

    May I ask, will this book be available in epub form or is it only going to be available via platforms such as Amazon. I’m buying it either way; however, I have all the others together on my phone. Apps such as kindle separate up the collections. First world problems I know, but thought I’d ask anyway.

    I understand you are incredibly busy so, if you’re not able to answer it for a good long while, no worries; I’m happy to wait.

    Thanks again for this series, it’s very much appreciated.

    Kind regards. Ashleigh

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