Boot Camp Act 4 Scene 2

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Here is This week’s scene from Boot Camp. I am currently having technical problems and waiting for new hardware so this week’s scene is shorter than usual.

Update on Full CircleMy former publisher will be taking down the series from their distribution sites and I will replace them ASAP (when I have new technology.) They will be available in epub via the website shop (If I can figure that out) or by emailing me directly. So, again, please bear with me.

Act 4 Scene 2

Renee eyed the scene in front of her and tried not to tense. An entire town was under a mound of snow and ice and she only hoped that most of the inhabitants had gotten to safety before the avalanche hit. It was doubtful but she was going to try and think like Aeron did… positive… confident.

“So, what are your orders?” Spokes said as he strode over in a thick cold weather suit.

“Mine?” She studied him and the suit then tried not to smirk. Spokes was a guy who spent more time in an office than on any kind of exercise. “You’re the general.”

“I’m only a general because you turned down the role.” He held her eyes then cocked his head. “And we both know you are far better at rescuing people.”

“Am I?” She eyed the mounds of snow again.

“Yes,” he said with complete conviction. “What are your orders, Black, or did you forget how to think in CIG?”

She took the weight off her bad leg trying not to show the wince. “Er…”

Spokes scowled at her. “I have never seen you hesitate.” He tapped her on the arm. “I need you to get switched on here.”

“I know…” She rubbed at her head. There was a lot of snow… a lot of people to help. “I don’t know if I can help like I want to.”

He tapped her arm again. “I had two vertebrae removed and didn’t tell the military. We’ve all got scars. You need to shake them off right now.”

She nodded. He was right.  She eyed the soldiers all lined up ready to take her orders. “Okay… I want one team on excavation. You need to work in the standard clearing formation… relay with the second team… you’ll need to take on fluids.”

“Ma’am!” Two groups of soldiers sped off to the front of the snow.

“We’ll need any kind of diggers… and work from the side… the snow is too unsteady so no pressure on the top.” She strode over to what had been a parking lot. “I want medics here… get the heat packs ready… we’ll have to use a team not trained to work on details… names… people… get locations from them where you can.”

“Ma’am.” Another group hurried off.

“Where is air support?” She asked Spokes more like his superior officer than the other way around.

“You’re all we got.” He shrugged. “Well, to get them out… our chopper pilots are all on training.”

“Where’s the local rescue team… police… medics… firehouse?” She asked as she marched toward the chopper.

“All under the snow,” Spokes said and hurried after her. “Where are you headed?”

“There’s more snow up there… and we need to divert it.” She climbed inside the chopper.

“How do you divert a load of snow?” he mumbled and stuck his head into the cockpit.

Renee tapped the controls and fired up the engines. “By playing with my guns.” She winked at him and confidence flickered inside her. “You know how much I like big guns.”

He grinned and tapped his ear. “You better keep firing orders at me.” He backed up and nodded to her. “I didn’t do cold weather rescues.”

“But I did,” she said feeling every rescue flood back into her mind. She had helped people… she’d helped Aeron… maybe… she could help again. “And I am a Black.”

“Yeah, yeah… I heard that line already…” He smiled then held her gaze. “And it’s one hundred percent accurate, Ma’am.” He saluted and hurried off as she lifted free of the ground.

She could help… she could… and like her dad always said to her and she always teased Spokes… Blacks were the best… maybe…

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